Success story: Zhik

EMDG accelerates Zhik’s international marketing

ZhikZhik Pty Ltd is a designer and manufacturer of sailing wet gear, which today is worn by Olympic and professional athletes around the world. In fact, half of the entire international fleet at the 2012 London Olympics wore Zhik, and Zhik sailors won half the medals. Its sailing wet gear is exported to the USA, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Sweden and Denmark.

As a result of its export success, Zhik won the Premier’s NSW Export Award 2010 and the the NSW Business Chamber Excellence in Export Award, and was a Finalist in the 48th Australian Export Awards.

Zhik began as an international business from the outset, and has had steady growth since, gradually increasing market share while the difficulties globally are having a negative impact on their competition.

Zhik uses very targeted marketing strategies, sponsoring international regattas and a fleet of world champion athletes. This approach, combined with product differentiation through patented functionality, provides high brand authenticity in the market that is embraced by customers as they become increasingly savvy in their purchasing decisions in modern times.

Mr Brian Conolly, Zhik’s Managing Director, was quite explicit about the role that EMDG has played in his business’ success. He said, “Quite simply, without the support from EMDG, Zhik would have been much slower in its international marketing and this would have reduced the growth of the business so much that it may have failed to break the inertia required for sustained success.