Success story: Ezytrack Global Pty Ltd

Ezytrack Global Pty Ltd finds EMDG information session most instructive

Ezytrack Global is an organisation that offers an innovative plug-n-play turn-key business model to prospective investors and organisations. Ezytrack is a global brand based in Australia. Its solutions have been designed in Australia by in-house developers for the last 12 years using state-of-the-art technologies and partners. The technology is one of the leaders in the Australian domestic market, providing asset information to all types of companies from distribution, service industry, rental vehicles, government, councils, contractors, emergency vehicles, and even remote workers in testing environments.

Ezytrack offers a GPS telematics technology solution that gives users information via a web-based secure login. The user has the ability to monitor and derive reports on positions, activities and behaviour of their assets being vehicles, equipment and people, by using the website or on their smart devices. Ezytrack partners are able to offer their clients access to the activities and performance of their assets either for security or fleet management purposes.

Ezytrack are currently in the throes of ramping up their export activities, and it was in that context that they wanted to see how they could access the EMDG programme to enhance their reach and results to grow their Australian technology into the global playing field. With that aim, Mr Stuart German, Ezytrack’s Export Director, attended the EMDG information session provided by Mr Baron Ward in Perth on 18th September. He had found the details of the presentation on the Austrade website ( after having met with Austrade Acting Director in Western Australia, Mr Brendan Coyne, who had encouraged him to find out more.

Mr German reported that from the outset, the presentation was very friendly yet professional, and he felt very welcome. He added, “The information and process of the presentation was well laid out, easy to absorb, and I felt all the relevant points were thoroughly covered. When we had queries, I felt they were handled with ease and confidence, and were suitably well explained so that we could properly understand our position and commitments.

He noted that the Q & A session at the end went very well showing that all participants had a good grasp of what was presented and were well equipped to work with Austrade using the EMDG platform to assist them in growing their global activities.