PMD International "could not have done it without EMDG"


Paul Duggan, Director of PMD International, advised Austrade that, “PMD International Pty Ltd is a unique company in that we are an Australian company making and selling China products to our world distribution network which is now very well cemented. As the world became smaller, we seized an opportunity using our industry knowledge to supply our industry in the world with products that they needed. EMDG support and funds made this all possible. We could not have done it without EMDG assistance.”

Mr Duggan added that PMD manufactures and supplies chainsaw, lawnmower and brushcutter parts and accessories from China to over fifty countries around the world. He said that PMD had thus accessed global supply chains with its wide range of mechanical parts and accessories supplied to global producers and distributors. He noted that PMD personnel had many years’ experience working and operating in a range of international and local markets, and that consequently, PMD had a thorough understanding of customer needs, and ensure high quality production standards on all PMD products, while maintaining affordability and low cost delivery.

PMD commenced as a Chinese trading company in July 2007 and was established to offer high quality China made components to the outdoor power industry, including providing a wide range of parts and accessories for chainsaws, lawnmowers, and brush cutters to their customer base. To achieve this mission, PMD manufacture saw chains, guide bars and other accessories for the chainsaw and outdoor power tool industry and, over the last six years, have specialised in supplying the highest quality products from China and making them available in local and export markets at competitive prices.

In supporting that objective, Austrade has to date provided seven EMDG grants over the past seven years amounting to over $380,000. Over that time, PMD’s annual turnover from international sales has grown to over $7 million, and continues to expand rapidly.
With a combination of manufacturing and sourcing capabilities, PMD use the knowledge gained through years of experience in the industry as well as China to assist its customers in finding the best products to fit their needs. PMD consolidate all orders into a single convenient shipment, eliminating the issues, cost and risk involved in dealing with multiple suppliers.

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