Business risks

Australian companies are advised to spend time investigating the market, obtain professional advice where appropriate and thoroughly investigate the issues in entering the market and before establishing business relationships.

Australian firms wishing to operate in this country should commit to the highest level of corporate behaviour and familiarise themselves with Australia's laws and penalties pertaining to bribery of foreign officials.

Bribery of foreign public officials is a crime. Australian individuals and companies can be prosecuted in Australia for bribing foreign officials when overseas. Further information on the regulations governing bribery of foreign public officials is available.

For further information on frauds, scams, personal and asset security, intellectual property protection and other business risks please read more about legal issues.

Ghana offers good rewards for companies with persistence and those willing to invest time, money and effort, although there are some risks in doing business.

While it is a relatively safe country, violent crime can occur at any time. It is important to be vigilant in public areas.


The current government has taken a clear public stance against corruption, but tackling it in all its forms is a challenge. In 2013, Ghana was ranked 63rd of 177 countries in the Transparency International corruption perception index.

Infrastructure and power

Road networks are on the whole not in a good condition and power supply is erratic and expensive. The government is exploring alternative energy suppliers, such as gas and renewables.

Resource nationalism and illegal mining

There is an increasing culture of resource nationalism. The cost of doing business in Ghana is increasing, as the government imposes more taxes on corporates to raise revenue. Illegal mining (known locally as ‘Galamsey’) is also a major issue for mining companies operating in Ghana.

Terrorism threat and organised crime

Generally, the threat of terrorism and organised crime is low, however companies operating in Ghana should remain vigilant as there is always a risk of opportunistic crime.

Information availability

Secondary data is usually difficult to obtain in Ghana and most organisations will have to rely on independent third parties to gather relevant information.

Intellectual property

Ghana is a member of the Paris Convention for protection of Industrial Property 1883, Convention on establishing the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and the World Trade Organisation- TRIPS Agreement. Trademarks are registered by the Registrar of Trademarks, which is located at the Registrar generals department.