Kotoka International Airport (Accra) is 10-20mins drive from the city centre. Most hotels in Accra provide Airport Shuttle Services. Please check with your hotel to arrange a pick-up or drop-off where applicable.

Most people travel to and from the airport in private vehicles. However, approved metered taxis, public pool taxis, car hire services and notable car rental companies, such as AVIS and Budget Rent-A-Car, also serve the airport. The published price for a metered taxi service is $1.50 for the first kilometre and $0.55 for every additional kilometre.

Ground transport

The public transport system in Ghana is not very well developed and so for the convenience of most business people, taxis or car rental services are recommended.

Accra has an extensive taxi network and numerous taxi ranks, but most taxis lack a meter system, so price negotiation is required between the passenger and driver. Metered taxis do operate in the city, but tend to be more expensive. Taxis in Ghana are painted in two colours, the four fenders are yellow/orange, and the rest of the car is in a colour of the operator’s choice.

Metro monorail

Feasibility studies for a $1.5 billion monorail project are to be completed in 2011. The privately funded project will be undertaken by the American Intercontinental Development Corporation (IDC).


By far the most common form of transport in Accra is the trotro. These are the biggest, most efficient and cost effective way of getting around the city. The buses are typically minibuses or vans. Trotros are typically decorated with flags and stickers of various countries or (local and international) soccer teams and with witty sayings, wisecracks and local proverbs. Trotros stop at any bus stop or gathering of people, and can also be found at truck and taxi stations, such as the Neoplan station.


Hotels ranging from five to three stars and budget accommodation facilities exist in Accra and the major cities and towns in Ghana. There are also modern apartments already furnished for longer stay in the capital providing self-catering options or facilities for tenants.


There are restaurants that offer continental dishes of the most dominant foreign communities in Ghana such as Chinese, Italian, French and Indian. Most hotels both foreign and locally owned have Ghanaian dishes on their menu.


In Ghana, there are no rules about how much tips should be given to show appreciation for services rendered. It is a sign of gratitude to give tips.