Resolving commercial disputes

The Australian Government is often called upon to provide assistance to Australian companies involved in commercial disputes. Very often there is little that it can do to assist.

The Australian Government can provide companies with assistance that includes navigating India's legal system, providing referral lists of local law firms and arbitrators, sharing basic information on potentially applicable trade agreements and providing advice on relevant India’s business practices. The government is not in a position to provide Australian companies or individuals with legal advice and it cannot interfere in Indian legal processes and law enforcement – including in relation to the return of property stolen in India; or the refund of deposits or payments for goods and services rendered in India.

The Australian Government is only able to intervene in commercial disputes in very limited circumstances – generally where Australian businesses have been discriminated against or treated unfairly by local authorities and all legal avenues have been exhausted.

In India, Austrade can provide Australian companies a referral to legal or financial firms for professional advice.

For further information download Austrade's Doing business in India: Business risks - commercial disputes (PDF, 231KB).