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Laos is a Buddhist country and understanding and observation of the religion’s importance in day to day life as well how it influences the work culture of Lao people is a significant advantage. Although English is widely spoken, a basic to intermediate understanding of the Lao language will make communication easier and be viewed as a sign of respect. Prior to shaking a person’s hand to start an introduction, it is customary to place your palms together in front of your body and bowing, which is called a 'nop', and to say ‘Sabaidee’ (hello). At the end of a meeting, the same gesture is repeated and accompanied with ‘Kop jai’ (thank you). It is acceptable for foreigners to shake hands with Lao of both sexes.

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Why ASEAN and why now?

Why ASEAN and why now? Insights for Australian Business. A joint Austrade-DFAT publication examining Australia’s trade relationship with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the opportunities and challenges for Australian business engaging with the region and the future of the Australia-ASEAN trade relationship.

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  • Imports from Laos A$29 million
  • Exports to Laos A$53 million
  • Capital Vientiane
  • Official Language Lao
  • Area 230,800 sq km
  • Population 7.2 million

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Country brief

A comprehensive overview of political, economic and bilateral and regional trade agreements.

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Trade and economic fact sheet

Containing general information, recent economic indicators, Australia’s trade and investment relationship with Laos and their global merchandise trade relationship that is updated twice a year.

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The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Smartraveller site provides advice for business travellers and tourists going to Laos. This is regularly updated and should be checked before planning travel.

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Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) is a voluntary mechanism which promotes and supports improved governance in resource-rich countries through the full publication and verification of company payments and government revenues from oil, gas, and mining.

The EITI is supported by governments, industry, and non-government organisations around the world. The Australian Government supports the EITI and encourages Australian companies operating internationally to comply with its recommendations.

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