Chinggis Khaan International Airport is the only airport in Mongolia that offers international flights. It is located about 20km to the southwest of the Ulaanbaatar city-centre.

There are direct flights to Ulaanbaatar from Seoul, Beijing, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Istanbul or Moscow via Mongolian Airways (MIAT), Air China, Korean Air, Turkish Airlines and Aeroflot. There are fewer flights during the winter months from November to March.

Ground transport

Taxis, both official and unofficial, are easy to find in Ulaanbaatar. Official taxis have meters, but they are often tampered with during the journey. There are numerous private cars that are able to take passengers for a fare.

Taxi drivers generally do not speak or read English.


The following are hotels that are convenient for business purposes and within walking distance to the centre of town (where most clients are likely to be located). These hotels also have business centres and services to support their patrons.


Ulaanbaatar has a large selection of restaurants, with surprising variety of cuisines. Recommended restaurants including Rosewood, Silk Road, Veranda, BlueFin, Monet, Ivy, Square Grill Pub, Grand Khaan Irish Pub, Hazara’s, Le Bistro Francais and Millie’s café.


A tip is not necessary unless you highly appreciate the services received.

Tourist attractions

Mongolia is an adventurous destination, the country with eternal blue sky, endless steppe, immense mountain ranges and unique natural environments, inhabited by nomads (herders).

For more information about tourist attractions in Mongolia, please visit Mongolian National Tourism Center.