Domestic taxation is relatively low, with a general tax on services of five per cent. Value Added Tax (VAT) is not applied but will be introduced in stages from April 2017.

All merchandise coming into New Caledonia is subject to:

  • General Import Tax ranging from zero to 31 per cent – generally 21 per cent.
  • Basic Import Tax is five per cent.
  • Port Tax is one per cent or Airfreight Tax is three per cent.
  • Customs Duties can range from  zero to 20 per cent.

There is a locally manufactured products protection tax (TCPPL), making imported products less competitive, in order to protect local manufacturers. This applies to pasta, yoghurts, chocolate, ice cream, etc.

Other import taxes include:

  • Consumption Tax on imported products which compete with locally produced goods and agricultural taxes are levied. These are ad valorem and according to product.
  • Tax on Renewable Energies or special tax applied according to product
  • Public Health Tax on alcohol and tobacco.

Some import taxes will be abolished from July 2018.  It is recommended that Australian exporters seek advice on taxation and tariff matters.