2019 Lima Pan American Games

The Basics

During 2019, Peru will host the XVIII Pan American Games, a major sporting event featuring 42 countries. This event will take place from July 26 to August 11, in Lima. Over 7,000 athletes will compete in almost 40 sports (compared to the 28 sports in the Olympics) and nearly 400 events, presenting Australian companies the opportunity to provide services in areas such as event planning and staging, venue design and construction, culture and ceremonies, security, transportation, amongst others.

The 2019 Pan American Games will be Peru’s first major sporting event, it’s currently in the early stages of development and planning which provides enormous opportunities for Australian companies across a range of sectors in the lifecycle of the Games.

A budget of approximately US$700 million (Pending confirmation by the Government of Peru) is estimated to ensure the necessary infrastructure is in place. There is a need for a total 33 sports venues in different areas of the city, including a stadium for 25,000 people, a coliseum for 12,000 people, a 2.4km rowing centre, a major aquatic centre upgrade and a games village to host 10,000 people.

Main organisations involved

Peruvian Olympic Committee (POC)

Founded in 1924, the Peruvian Olympic Committee has the responsibility of spreading sports culture within the Peruvian society and helping developing high performance athletes. The POC is Chairman of the 2019 Pan Am Games Organizing Committee (COPAL), which also includes the Peruvian Institute of Sport, the Lima Municipal Government, and the Callao Regional Government.

Peruvian Institute of Sport (IPD)

The Peruvian Institute of Sport is the governing body for the National Sports policy framework. It is a statutory agency affiliated with the Ministry of Education and responsible for the creation of national sports, recreation and physical education policy, as well as managing the public sporting venues in the country.

Procurement and timetable

Peruvian Olympic Committee

The members of the 2019 Pan America Games Organizing Committee (COPAL) and Peru’s National Investment Agency - ProInversion will coordinate the procurement process for the Games.

Key areas where expertise and providers are sought are the following:

Event planning, staging, policy and knowledge development

  • Master Planning and planning for specific projects.

Venue Design and Construction

Organisers are considering options that provide ‘smart city’ solutions for the construction/refurbishment of the following centres/venues in Lima:

  • Refurbishment of the San Marcos University stadium to host temporarily 40,000 people for the Pan Am Games and then permanently 25,000 people.
  • Construction of a 12,000 people coliseum near Lima downtown, with the possibility of building the Games Village in the surroundings.
  • Refurbishment of the Campo de Marte Aquatic Centre
  • Construction of the 2.4km-long Callao Pan American Aquatic Park to host 1250 people for the rowing, water skiing, triathlon, and other water events. The Games Village could also be built around this venue.
  • Racquet Sport Centre
  • Hockey Centre
  • Venues to host sports such as rugby, fencing, squash and archery amongst others.


There will be three key ceremonies around the 2019 Pan American Games program. These are:

  • Handover Ceremony as part of the closing ceremony of the Toronto Pan American Games, 26 July 2015
  • Lima Opening Ceremony, 26 July 2019
  • Lima Closing Ceremony, 11 August 2019.

The POC has an extensive bidding program in place which includes additional major events in the region such as the 2021 World Games, the 2017 IOC Session which will announce the 2024 Olympic venue, World beach Games, PanAm Youth Games, LatAm Beach Games, World Badminton, Volleyball and Swimming Championships amongst others so there is potential opportunity across a number of major sporting events.

In addition, the organising committee are looking at a series of different events to be located across the Americas in different locations over the next 5 years. These events would aim to promote and position the 2019 Games. Opportunities exist for Australian companies to also work with the committee on these events associated with the master plan from now until the closing ceremony in 2019.

The exact details of these events are currently being discussed. Austrade can keep you up to date on developments.

Introducing Australian capability

Australian capability in the major sporting events industry is recognised globally. Australian companies and individuals in this sector have the knowledge, global experience and vision to consistently create the best event outcomes. Australian companies have the experience in staging major sporting events in complex environments around the world, from Rugby and Football World Cup Tournaments, the Asian Games to every Olympic and Commonwealth Games since 2000.

The 2019 Pan America Games provide an opportunity to build relationships between Australia and Peru at a number of levels because of our common sporting interest and the perceived expertise of Australia in both the management of the games and Australian Olympic sporting prowess.

Austrade are working closely with Australian suppliers in developing contacts with a wide range of Peruvian companies and organisations with a connection to the Olympics. We are keen to promote specific Australian capability, and would be interested to receive profiles from relevant Australian companies since our aim is to present portfolios of specialist capability to clusters of related contacts.


Companies are welcome to contact Austrade direct at the following details:

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