Austrade trade opportunities - terms and conditions

  1. Austrade (the Australian Trade and Investment Commission) is the Australian government’s trade, investment and international education promotion agency.  Through a network of offices in over 50 countries, Austrade assists Australian companies to grow their international business, attracts productive foreign direct investment into Australia and promotes Australia’s education sector internationally. Austrade’s ability to identify and assess foreign business opportunities for the benefit of Australian businesses and education providers is one of the ways that Austrade adds value to the Australian economy and business community.  For further information about Austrade, visit or call 13 2878.
  2. This trade opportunity was identified by an Austrade international office for the purpose of distributing widely and non-exclusively in Australia.  You may receive this information from more than one source as Austrade works with other government agencies, industry bodies and networks to inform Australian business of international sales opportunities.
  3. To be eligible to respond to this Austrade export lead, your organisation must be registered with Austrade.  Organisations that have worked with Austrade in overseas markets in the past four years are automatically registered.  If you have no prior engagement with Austrade or are unsure of your registration, please contact the Austrade adviser listed above or call Austrade Direct on 13 2878 to arrange your registration.  Please note the following criteria for Austrade registration:
    1. Your organisation must be a registered Australian business with an Australian Business Number (ABN);
    2. Your organisation must be currently exporting or have potential to export products or services from Australia;
    3. Your organisation must demonstrate a net economic benefit to Australia through your activities overseas;
    4. Your organisation must be committed to maintaining business ethics and legal obligations including anti-bribery laws in Australia and overseas.  Australia's anti-bribery laws apply overseas and Austrade will not provide services to any party who breaches the law, will withdraw service to any party suspected of bribery  and will report credible evidence of any breach;
    5. Your organisation’s activity must not damage or harm the reputation of Austrade, the Australian government or Australia.
  4. Responding to this opportunity in no way guarantees an export sale will result.  Austrade reserves the right to review all responses and introduce only those organisations that match the specified requirements to the foreign customer.  Organisations without sufficient capabilities or export readiness will not be progressed, and Austrade will notify unsuccessful applicants of their status as soon as reasonably possible.  Individual feedback on why an organisation is not successful will not be provided. 
  5. If your organisation is successfully introduced to the foreign customer, you will also be notified and advised of next steps.  Following any introduction, reasonable time should be allowed for the foreign customer to assess and evaluate the capabilities of each firm presented.  Where interest is positive, Austrade may directly connect you to the customer for follow-up discussions. 
  6. Whilst initial introductions to foreign customers are provided as a free service by Austrade, organisations seeking additional services and support in export markets, including follow-up activities resulting from a customer introduction, may request tailored services from Austrade.  Tailored services are subject to fees and a written quotation can be provided upon request.  An overview of Austrade’s trade services can be found on our website at
  7. Please use commercial discretion to assess the suitability of this opportunity and the risk of exporting to this market as it relates to your business. Austrade does not accept liability for any loss associated with the use of this information or the advice received from these organisations which are taken entirely at the user's discretion. Should commercial interactions ensue, you are required to conduct your own due diligence as to the suitability of any opportunity to be pursued and any commercial dealings between introduced parties are at those parties discretion.
  8. From time to time, Austrade may seek your feedback directly or through a satisfaction survey.  Your feedback assists us to improve our service delivery in Australia and overseas, and helps us identify issues that are important to you.  Also, on a confidential basis, Austrade may also confirm details of any export sales that arise from a customer introduction to help us ascertain the direct economic returns to Australia from our export promotion activities.