Austrade Services – Assisting Australian business in international markets

Austrade provides a range of services and assistance to Australian exporters and education providers covering:

General information and advice on exporting and international business

Austrade’s network of advisers in Australia and overseas offer practical advice to exporters and education providers on how to do business in international markets.

  • General market briefings on what to expect in international markets
  • Cultural tips on doing business overseas
  • Information about local commercial practices and requirements
  • Local industry insights and contexts
  • Referrals to specialist legal, tax or business advisory firms, both in Australia and overseas
  • International market entry and strategy advice
  • General marketing and promotional advice
  • Assistance and advice for setting up a business in an international market

Austrade can guide you through the process of selecting suitable export markets for your product or service, advise you on upcoming overseas promotions for Australian organisations such as trade missions, and alert you to the potential financial assistance and government grants available for Australian exporters.

By accessing Austrade insights gathered from around the world, we can help you cut the costs, time and risks of engaging in offshore markets.

Before contacting Austrade, explore our free online resources to learn more about exporting and doing business in various countries overseas.

International trade and education opportunity alerts

Austrade’s international network is dedicated to identifying new commercial leads for Australian businesses. We do this by engaging with business networks overseas and promoting Australian suppliers for their business or education needs.

Once international leads or ‘opportunities’ are identified, specific requirements are gathered and, using Austrade’s database and our Australian industry and government networks, relevant Australian suppliers are invited to submit an expression of interest to Austrade.

Organisations that match the required specifications are then submitted to the foreign customer and if interest is shown, a formal introduction is made by Austrade. As needed, assistance and advice are provided to shortlisted Australian businesses to help win the business.

We also help foreign buyers visiting Australia meet with potential suppliers by setting up appointments and showcasing opportunities for exporters in Australia.

Australian organisations must agree with the trade opportunities terms and conditions before responding to individual opportunities.

To receive export opportunities in the education sector, please register for the Market Information Package.

Tailored services including market-entry and expansion assistance

Austrade offers tailored services to individual Australian organisations seeking to export or expand their export markets in growth and emerging markets. While tailored services for exporters are not always available in markets where language and cultural barriers are minimal, Austrade can, upon request, refer you to other organisations that can help you develop your market plans.

Tailored services provide customised information specific to your company’s requirements. We deliver these through our Advisers network across key trade markets around the world. We can assist you by compiling key information on the market you are targeting and talking directly to local industry players to gauge their interest in meeting you and reviewing your products or services – saving you valuable time. Austrade’s tailored services include:

  • Market or country research – Help with specific export issues such as gathering data on market trends and statistics, identifying market barriers and regulations, assessing market potential or gathering information and advice on the suitability of a product or service. We do this by accessing databases, information resources and local networks to gather primary and secondary information or feedback for you.
  • Potential partner and customer identification – Help with identifying local contacts in international markets that can import, distribute or support your product or service locally. We do this by researching key market players, competitors and other contacts to identify the industry structure and in consultation with you, approach those that best meet your criteria to introduce your products or services to.
  • Appointments during your market visit – Once potential partners or customers are identified, with sufficient notice, Austrade can set up a visit program to help you maximise your time in-market. We do this by approaching those contacts you specify and setting up appointments for you to meet and present your business capabilities. In some markets, Austrade staff may be available to join your meetings and provide language support.
  • Follow-up to initial introductions – After a market visit or an introduction via a trade or education opportunity, you may ask Austrade to follow-up with the local contacts to gather their assessment on your products or services and/or potential fit for you to do business with their organisation. Through this follow-up, we can advise you on the real potential with these customers and help you determine next steps.
  • Market promotions – To expand your international business, you may choose to participate in a range of offshore marketing activities such as overseas exhibitions or trade missions organised by Austrade, state or territory governments or in-market event companies. During these activities you may ask Austrade to facilitate introductions to potential business partners overseas. Find out more about upcoming international events you can join.

Tailored services are provided for a uniform fee of A$275 per hour in all overseas markets. When services are commissioned, a proposal outlining anticipated costs will be prepared for your agreement prior to commencing the work.

Referrals to specialist service providers

In the US, Canada, Western Europe (including the UK), Austrade’s activities are mainly focused on attracting foreign direct investment and promoting Australia’s education services. For Australian exporters to these markets, Austrade can provide access to a range of specialists to assist with market entry and expansion including:

  • market research
  • channel marketing consultants
  • lead generation agencies
  • legal, accounting, tax and immigration advisory services
  • banking and financial service providers
  • commercial real estate agencies
  • relevant industry network specialists

Accessing Austrade services

Before contacting Austrade for help, there are a few things that you can do:

  • Consider if your business is ready for export and be sure that you understand exactly what exporting involves before you start. Visit getting ready for export if you need help and complete the International Readiness Indicator to make sure you are prepared.
  • Build your export strategy. Consider what countries hold the best prospects and opportunities for your business and do some research to understand the key fundamentals of each market. Identify events overseas that you can leverage to promote your products or services or visit to learn more about a market’s requirements.
  • Develop a brief for Austrade. Provide us with marketing collateral, export plans and an outline of your ideal partner or the contacts you wish to meet if you are making an overseas visit.

Now you are ready! Contact us by telephone on 13 28 78 or submit your enquiry and one of our advisers can discuss how Austrade can help you with your plans.

Eligibility for Austrade services

To receive assistance from Austrade, your organisation is required to be:

  • A registered Australian business with an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Seeking to export products or services, including education services, from Australia to foreign markets, or seeking to establish an overseas presence to promote your Australian capabilities
  • Conducting activities overseas that bring an economic benefit to the Australian economy or enhance the reputation of Australia and/or Australian industry
  • Committed to obeying the laws of Australia and foreign nations, including compliance with anti-bribery legislation.