Regional Tourism Infrastructure Investment Attraction Strategy 2016 - 2021

The Regional Tourism Infrastructure Investment Attraction Strategy (the strategy) is a five year commitment between Austrade and Tourism Australia (TA) to work with state, territory and local governments to create an environment conducive to attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) into regional tourism infrastructure.

For the purpose of this strategy, a region is any area outside Australia’s capital cities and the Gold Coast.

There is growing demand for Australia’s distinctive and authentic experiences, many of which are located in regional and remote areas. In the year ending June 2017, Australia has seen increased international visitation to Aboriginal sites and communities (up 16 per cent), heritage buildings and sites (up 10 per cent), guided tours (up 12 per cent), national parks (up 11 per cent), the beach (up 8 per cent) and botanical gardens (up 10 per cent).

Regional Australia is benefiting from this demand, with 63 per cent of domestic overnight visitors and 36 per cent of international visitors dispersing beyond capital cities in the year ending June 2017. The strategy was developed in response to this increased international demand for tourism experiences in regional locations.

The strategy is a coordinated investment attraction and regulatory reform approach to support new product supply, refurbishing existing product and new tourism attractions and experiences in regional Australia to encourage increased overnight visitation and visitor expenditure. This approach will be undertaken on a market-by-market basis, and will help Australia realise the full economic and social benefits of the growing visitor economy, while contributing to the sustainable growth of Australia’s tourism industry into the future.

The strategy will initially target eight iconic tourism regions where the visitor economy is showing signs of growth, but has witnessed lower levels of investment (i.e. evidence of market failure). Each state and territory government has selected the following regions for the strategy:

Tourism investment regional map


Click here to find out more about the eight pilot regions, and to view Austrade and Tourism Australia’s Tourism Investment in Regional Australia report, which provides information on Australian regional destinations and the tourism investment opportunities they provide.  

Throughout the Regional Tourism Infrastructure Investment Attraction Strategy, Austrade and TA will continue activities to attract FDI not only into regional areas but into Australian capital cities per the Tourism 2020 accommodation objective and existing investment strategies.

The strategy complements existing Australian Government tourism development and investment priorities and is delivered within existing resources.


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