Regulatory Reform

Australia’s accommodation development pipeline is on track to achieve Tourism 2020 targets. Austrade and Tourism Australia have accordingly revised their tourism investment strategy to enable a primary focus on project facilitation and ‘aftercare’ to expedite committed projects and encourage reinvestment.

Despite the strong market conditions for real estate, hotel development in Australia is complex and a number of risks and challenges remain for the significant number of projects that are still in the planning stage.

Hotel Development Regulations in Australia

Developing hotels is a complex process. Hotels must demonstrate solid returns for investors and traverse local and state planning systems. Efficient and commercially-focused planning and approval systems are therefore critical to ensuring Australia remains a favourable location for hotels and other major developments.

Commissioned by Austrade from planning consultancy Urbis, the report Hotel Development Regulations in Australia identifies opportunities to improve planning and environmental approval processes across all states and territories, including in regional areas.

The report examines the regulatory requirements for developing a four star hotel in capital cities and a resort in two regional locations and includes a comparative analysis across jurisdictions of the impact of planning and environmental regulations. Hotel Development Regulations in Australia has made nine recommendations aimed at improving planning regimes and regulatory processes across all levels of government.

The reports are available for download from the following links:

Tourism Investment and Regulatory Reform Report Card

The pursuit of regulatory reform is vital to ensuring that Australia remains competitive, not just in terms of boosting visitation, but in attracting investment in accommodation that meets the needs and expectations of visitors. The Tourism Investment and Regulatory Reform Report Card was first released in 2012, and recommendations were made for Australian, State and Territory Governments to aim for fostering a supportive and streamlined regulatory environment for tourism accommodation investment. The Australian Government continues to work closely with all levels of government to implement these reform measures. The Regulatory Reform Report Card is updated annually.

The redesigned 2018 report is available from the following link: