Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure (TDDI)

On 11 July 2014 Tourism Ministers met and endorsed the overarching principles and funding mechanism for the Tourism Demand-Driver Infrastructure (TDDI) programme. Through TDDI the Commonwealth will provide $43.1 million over four years to the State and Territory governments. TDDI terminates on 30 June 2018.

Each State and Territory determines:

  1. the process by which the TDDI funding will be allocated in their own jurisdiction, and
  2. which projects will receive TDDI funding.

Projects will align strategically with relevant state, regional and destination plans. They should drive demand, improve quality and increase tourism expenditure to assist the tourism industry in meeting Tourism 2020 targets.

TDDI programme principles

TDDI programme principles include:

  • projects must align to one or more of the Tourism 2020 strategic areas (listed), or to a request by Tourism Ministers.
    • Grow demand from Asia
    • Build competitive digital capability
    • Encourage investment and implement regulatory reform agenda
    • Ensure tourism transport environment supports growth
    • Increase supply of labour, skills and Indigenous participation
    • Build industry resilience, productivity and quality.
  • must be able to show that the project will demonstrate a return on the government’s investment across the tourism supply chain.

TDDI project categories

TDDI projects should address one or more of the following infrastructure categories:

  • Environmental – the development or enhancement of natural assets such as, but not limited to, protected and recreational areas, public spaces such as beaches and parks and walking trails.
  • Built – such as, but not limited to, mixed-used facilities, exhibition, convention and events facilities, cultural institutions, entertainment and sporting facilities, city/town precincts and tourist attractions.
  • Transport – such as, but not limited to, roads, rail networks, ports and airports.
  • Enabling – such as, but not limited to, Indigenous tourism development, the development of tourism networks, plans and feasibility studies, and programmes to improve industry capability and capacity.

Ineligible activities

The following activities are ineligible under the TDDI programme:

  • marketing, advertising or product promotion
  • regular repairs and maintenance
  • upgrading or developing facilities predominantly for local communities
  • engaging or paying permanent employees
  • buying or leasing real estate of any type
  • administrative or running costs that are normally the responsibility of a business, state or territory administration or local council.

Further information

For further information on the TDDI programme funding, including relevant State and Territory tourism agency contacts, email Please note the TDDI programme terminates on 30 June 2018, and the majority of jurisdictions have fully allocated their funding.