Is your tourism region having trouble finding and keeping workers?

Tourism employment planning is an important part of building any tourism destination. Having workers with the right skills at the right time ensures that a region can provide a high level of service and offer quality tourism experiences.

A Tourism Employment Plan can provide practical ways to support your region meet its unique workforce needs to ensure quality experiences that bring the tourists in and keep them returning.

What does a Tourism Employment Plan do?

A Tourism Employment Plan improves a region's ability to recruit, retain and up-skill its workforce, by coming up with practical and unique solutions to address labour and skills issues within the region.

It does this by bringing together local industry stakeholders to collaboratively address employment matters and take ownership over their region’s future.

What does it take to develop a Tourism Employment Plan?

There are a number of considerations to make before developing a Tourism Employment Plan. These include things like whether it will require funding, what resourcing you have available, and what level of stakeholder coordination is in the region to support the delivery of the Plan.

Download the Guide to developing Tourism Employment Plans (PDF, 4.4 MB) and start thinking about how you can address tourism employment pressures in your region. The Guide follows these five essential steps:

  1. Define and profile the region
  2. Identify the region's labour and skills issues
  3. Select appropriate solutions for the region
  4. Allocate roles, responsibilities and timelines for delivery
  5. Implement communicate, measure, revise.

Want additional advice on developing a Tourism Employment Plan?

The Tourism Employment Plan Advisory Service is available to help a region move from thinking about a Tourism Employment Plan to actually delivering one, and taking the important first step towards a strong tourism workforce in the region.

The Advisory Service provides advice on how to develop a Tourism Employment Plan based on the five steps outlined above. This advice is based upon the experiences and lessons learnt in developing eight Tourism Employment Plans across Australia.

The Advisory Service suggests useful data sources and resources, and provides links to further information to help the development of a region's Tourism Employment Plan. It can point out information and programs that regions might not be aware of, and highlight some of the innovative ideas and solutions from existing Tourism Employment Plans to see if these could be adapted to suit other regions (see the TEP tools for further information which include factsheets, case studies and workforce planning checklists).


Regions can access the Advisory Service by contacting:
Lisa Enright
Tourism Employment Plan Advisory Service

Regions interested in contacting the Advisory Service are encouraged to read the Guide to developing Tourism Employment Plans before deciding to develop their own Plan.

How the Advisory Service is helping tourism regions — a case study

In March this year, the Advisory Service was contacted by a group of enthusiastic locals from Milton-Ulladulla (NSW) that were in the early stages of building a Regional Excellence Initiative — aimed at enhancing local economic and employment opportunities for the community.

The group recognised tourism as an important industry for future growth, and were interested in learning more about how they could address their employment challenges, including better engaging youth, building clearer career pathways and boosting customer service levels.

Members of Austrade met with the group and, using the experience in developing previous TEPs, were able to suggest new ideas to address these challenges, provide references to funding and support programs, and provide useful data sources to give them a current snapshot and forecast of the region’s tourism industry to inform their initiative. As new information comes to the Advisory Service’s knowledge, it will be fed back to the group so they can keep on top of new resources to support their initiative.

The Milton-Ulladulla community is leading the way in building localised solutions to employment challenges. They’ve successfully managed to negotiate funding, through the local Business Chamber, to support someone to work solely on their initiative — so it will only gain momentum over the next year or so.

To find out more, read the Regional Excellence Initiative factsheet (PDF, 454KB), like their Facebook page, or contact Melanie Louth, Regional Coordinator, Milton Ulladulla Business Chamber, M: 0459 546 002, E: