Is your tourism region having trouble finding and keeping workers?

Tourism employment planning is an important part of building any tourism destination. Having workers with the right skills at the right time ensures that a region can provide a high level of service and offer quality tourism experiences.

A Tourism Employment Plan can provide practical ways to support your region meet its unique workforce needs to ensure quality experiences that bring the tourists in and keep them returning.

What does a Tourism Employment Plan do?

A Tourism Employment Plan improves a region's ability to recruit, retain and up-skill its workforce, by coming up with practical and unique solutions to address labour and skills issues within the region.

It does this by bringing together local industry stakeholders to collaboratively address employment matters and take ownership over their region’s future.

What does it take to develop a Tourism Employment Plan?

There are a number of considerations to make before developing a Tourism Employment Plan. These include things like whether it will require funding, what resourcing you have available, and what level of stakeholder coordination is in the region to support the delivery of the Plan.

Download the Guide to developing Tourism Employment Plans (PDF, 4.4 MB) and start thinking about how you can address tourism employment pressures in your region. The Guide follows these five essential steps:

  1. Define and profile the region
  2. Identify the region's labour and skills issues
  3. Select appropriate solutions for the region
  4. Allocate roles, responsibilities and timelines for delivery
  5. Implement communicate, measure, revise.