Tourism Employment Plans

Tourism Employment Plans (TEPs) delivered practical and easy to use tools and strategies to help tourism and hospitality businesses respond to labour and skills pressures.

Why the TEPs were developed

In 2011, Tourism Ministers chose eight labour and skills 'hot spot' regions across Australia for the development of Tourism Employment Plans (TEPs). These regions were identified through the Australian Tourism Labour Force Report, which highlighted that many tourism businesses are experiencing recruitment, retention and skills deficiencies. The Report also highlighted that targeted and localised strategies are necessary as there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

How the TEPs worked and what they achieved

A contractor was engaged in each region to work with local stakeholders to develop the TEP over a 12 month period. After 12 months, the region had a three year, action-oriented plan for addressing its specific labour and skills issues. The TEPs linked tourism businesses in the eight TEP regions with programmes geared towards improving education, training and employment outcomes. TEPs also involved the implementation of industry-led solutions where gaps were identified.

Over 150 tailored strategies were developed in the eight TEP regions. If you are an operator many of these strategies can assist your business. These strategies were developed in consultation with industry and from consultations in TEP regions with close to 1,000 people on what was working best. Free factsheets, best practice case studies, HR tools and business support guides have been developed to assist tourism and hospitality operators. Many of these tools are beneficial no matter where you are across Australia. Visit Develop Your Workforce to access these tools.

The existing Tourism Employment Plans provide ‘models’ for remote, regional and capital city regions with particular characteristics. However, each has its own unique set of solutions to address the particular issues the region is facing.

Access the TEPs

TEPs for the eight regions can be accessed through the links below. Capital City Models:

City Fringe Model:

Regional Area Models:

Remote Area Model:

TEP locations

Further information

Find out how to develop your own regional TEP solutions to make sure your region has the workforce it needs to provide quality tourism service.

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