Tourism and Hospitality Labour and Skills Roundtable

In April 2016, Austrade established a Tourism Labour and Skills Roundtable (the Roundtable) to connect industry with government and help build a sustainable tourism workforce for the future. The Roundtable membership consists of stakeholders from the Australian Government, state and territory governments, state and territory tourism organisations and the different industry sectors that make up the Australian tourism industry.

The Roundtable is chaired by John Hart, Executive Chair of Australian Chamber - Tourism.

Six working groups were established within the Roundtable to focus on a range of key industry challenges or themes. The working groups were industry led or jointly led with the Australian Government.

The recommendations are now being used in the broader work of industry and government to address labour and skills challenges.

The first theme, a stocktake has been completed of current initiatives undertaken by governments and industry and other resources for tourism and hospitality issues.

The Roundtable is currently considering a set of recommendations to address the five remaining themes. They are:

Theme 1

Develop strategies for enhancing higher education, vocational education and training outcomes.

Theme 2

Develop strategies aimed at improving career perceptions and promoting tourism and hospitality industry career pathways.

Investigate how the tourism and hospitality industry can leverage innovation and technology to address labour and skills challenges.

Theme 3

Develop strategies to enhance the uptake of existing government and industry programs.

Develop strategies for the tourism and hospitality industry to harness alternative labour and skills sources including youth and mature-age workers.

Theme 4

Develop regional approaches to dealing with tourism and hospitality labour and skills issues.

Theme 5

Assess how the tourism and hospitality industry can build the pipeline of foreign workers by better utilising the permanent and temporary migration programs.


If you want to contribute to the work of the Roundtable, please contact us