Tourism 2020 is a national strategy and a partnership of government working with industry to achieve the tourism industry’s potential.

Who is Responsible?

Australian Government

Within the Australian Government the responsibility for tourism sits in the Foreign Affairs and Trade portfolio. Austrade, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Tourism Australia work together in implementing Tourism 2020.


Austrade’s role is to develop policy, manage programmes and provide research to grow the Australian tourism industry. Austrade works across governments to facilitate improvements in policy settings that impact on tourism including immigration, transport, employment and the business environment. Within Austrade, Tourism Research Australia provides government and industry with research and statistics to help with policy and business decisions.

Austrade provides secretariat support for Tourism Ministers’ Meetings and the Australian Standing Committee on Tourism.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) leads the international tourism engagement function on tourism policy relations with governments of other countries, international organisations and forums. DFAT also leads on trade negotiations to address barriers facing Australian tourism service providers in overseas markets.

Tourism Australia

As Australia’s national tourism marketing organisation, Tourism Australia (TA) works with industry and governments across Australia to promote the country as a compelling tourism destination for international leisure visitors and also for business events. This is undertaken through partnership marketing activities with airline, trade and distribution partners targeting consumers in key markets to convert Australia’s appeal into more visits and increased spend. TA also undertakes industry development activities to develop tourism product and the distribution system, provides platforms to do business, keeps the industry informed, supports aviation growth and promotes investment in tourism infrastructure.

Tourism Ministers' meetings

Australian and state and territory government Tourism ministers meet twice a year through Tourism Ministers’ Meetings (TMM) to progress tourism policy matters of national significance. TMM provide an important opportunity to monitor the progress of the implementation of the Tourism 2020 strategy and provide strategic direction for the tourism industry. New Zealand also participates in these meetings.

The Australian Government Minister for Tourism chairs TMM, with Secretariat support provided by Austrade.



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Australian Standing Committee on Tourism (ASCOT)

TMM are supported by the Australian Standing Committee on Tourism (ASCOT). ASCOT develops, coordinates and considers tourism policies in Australia and provides advice and makes recommendations to tourism ministers through TMM.

The aim of ASCOT is to drive the implementation of Tourism 2020 and consider tourism policy matters of national significance.

The Chair and Secretariat for ASCOT is provided by Austrade.