Tourism 2020 Working Groups

To implement Tourism 2020, working groups have been established to progress key issues. The working groups consist of representatives from the Australian Government, industry and state and territory governments.

Tourism Access Working Group

The Tourism Access Working Group (TAWG) identifies opportunities to strengthen Australia’s ability to attract more international tourists by advocating for transport and visa policy reform and infrastructure development.

Indigenous Tourism Group

The Indigenous Tourism Group – (ITG) focuses on ways to increase the quality and quantity of Australia's Indigenous tourism product offering, and the participation of Indigenous Australians in the tourism industry.

Tourism and Hospitality Labour and Skills Roundtable

The Tourism Labour and Skills Roundtable (the Roundtable) has been established to connect industry with government to help build a sustainable tourism workforce for the future. Six working groups have been established within the Roundtable to focus on six key industry challenges or themes.