Tourism 2030 Strategy

About Tourism 2030

Austrade, in conjunction with Tourism Australia, is developing Australia’s next national long-term tourism strategy. Development is occurring in cooperation with state and territory governments and the tourism industry. While Government has not formally announced a name for the new strategy, for ease of reference development work is being carried out under the heading of Tourism 2030.

Australian communities benefit significantly from tourism through the jobs it creates and the amenities it brings to local areas. The existing long-term tourism strategy, Tourism 2020, has been successful in supporting the industry to achieve record growth in the last decade. With the current strategy coming to a close next year, it is time to develop a new strategy that will take the industry to its next stage of growth and development.

Tourism Ministers considered the direction of the Tourism 2030 strategy at their meeting on 11 October 2019, and will be briefed on it at their next meeting scheduled in March 2020. It is proposed that the Tourism 2030 strategy will commence on 1 January 2021.


Tourism 2030 development timeframe

Tourism 2030 Timeline

Tourism 2030 Timeline

Current consultation on development of Tourism 2030

Building on the work of the Beyond Tourism 2020 Steering Committee, it was identified that further consultation and opportunities for direct input by state and territory governments and the broader tourism industry will help build shared ownership of the strategy. This will also ensure that the national strategy aligns with individual state and territory strategies. 

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Join our consultation webinar

You are invited to register for an interactive consultation webinar on Thursday 31 October from 3.00 – 4.00pm AEDT.

The interactive webinar will be an opportunity to:

  • Find out more about the development of Tourism 2030.
  • Tell us your aspirations for the tourism industry of 2030.
  • Share your on-the-ground insights with the Federal Government.
  • Identify challenges, opportunities and things that could be done to transform the industry.
  • Shape Australia’s next long-term tourism strategy.

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Industry workshops

A workshop was held with states and territories on 7 August 2019. Following the workshop, Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham, Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, initiated a further suite of industry workshops to be held during September/October 2019. The workshops are being jointly run with state and territories, and involve a range of tourism industry stakeholders.

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More information on Tourism 2030 strategy development


Beyond Tourism 2020 Steering Committee – Report to Government

In February 2018, the Australian Government established the Beyond Tourism 2020 Steering Committee to shape Australia’s next long-term tourism strategy to commence in January 2021.

The Steering Committee submitted its report to Government in December 2018, after which Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham, the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, formally dissolved the Committee.

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The Steering Committee comprised nine senior industry leaders from across the tourism and hospitality sectors:

  • Kerrie Mather (formerly Sydney Airport)
  • Todd Coates (formerly Sydney BridgeClimb)
  • Karen Bolinger (formerly Association of Australian Convention Bureaux)
  • Cinzia Burnes (Helloworld Travel)
  • John Hart (Australian Chamber – Tourism)
  • Harvey Lister (AEG Ogden)
  • Andrew Williams (Dransfield Hotels & Resorts)
  • Clark Kirby (Village Roadshow Theme Parks)
  • John O'Sullivan (formerly Tourism Australia)


Consultation on Steering Committee report – February 2019

The Minister launched a consultation process seeking industry and governments’ views on the report by inviting comments and submissions to this website. Submissions closed on 8 March 2019. The submissions have been analysed and will help inform development of Tourism 2030. A webinar was also held to update the industry on the report.

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Industry Roundtable – 1 March 2019

An industry roundtable was held on 1 March 2019 to discuss the Beyond 2020 Steering Committee’s report . The Roundtable identified challenges, gaps and game changers for consideration in developing the Tourism 2030 strategy.

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