Train and retain staff

Do you have trouble holding onto good staff? Need to provide more training opportunities and career development? The following tools may assist.

Australian Online Training Directory - My Skills

My Skills provides up to date information on training courses for employers, school leavers, students and apprentices.

Tourism businesses interested in upskilling their staff can now easily find qualifications relevant to the industry, and be matched with nearby registered training organisations that offer those qualifications. The site also includes information on prices, course durations and online availability. Visit My Skills for further information.

Australian Apprenticeship Support Network

The Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (Apprenticeship Network) provides services to support apprentices and employers throughout the apprenticeship lifecycle. These services will assist employers recruit, train and retain apprentices and aim to improve apprenticeship completion rates.

Apprenticeship Network providers help employers navigate through apprenticeship arrangements and ensure apprentices get the support they need to compete their training through delivery of:

  • Universal services for all employers and apprentice, providing essential administrative support, payment processing and regular contact; and
  • Targeted services for employers and individuals assessed as needing additional support to complete the apprenticeship.
    The new Apprenticeship Network replaced Australian Apprenticeships Centres on 1 July 2015.

For further information visit

Resources developed through the Tourism Employment Plans (TEPs)

Online Training

Online customer service training programmes have been delivered through the Kangaroo Island, Tropical North Queensland, and Canberra TEPs. These programmes teach staff and students about how to deliver high quality service, including through showcasing what makes their region unique. These programmes can be accessed by visiting Our Kangaroo Island Ambassador Programme, Tropical North Queensland Customer Service Training Programme, and Canberra Service Champions Programme.


  • Career Pathways Infographic – NSW

    This factsheet will provide you with a creative way of discussing the career pathways/opportunities that exist in your business and how you can promote these when trying to hold on to workers.

    Career Pathways Infographic – NSW (PDF, 180KB)

Case Studies

  • Broome Traineeship and Apprenticeship Support

    This case study displays how a remote region’s partnerships between trainees and apprentices have helped to engage a locally based workforce.

    Broome Traineeship and Apprenticeship Support Case Study (PDF, 389KB)

  • Broome Staff Induction Program

    A Staff Induction Program is an important process for bringing new staff into an organisation. Learn more about the Broome program and what you could do to help introduce new staff into your work environment.

    Broome Staff Induction Program Case Study (PDF, 511KB)

  • Broome Hospitality Ambassador Program

    This case study demonstrates how to create awareness and promote career pathways in hospitality to school students and job seekers.

    Broome Hospitality Ambassador Program Case Study (PDF, 686KB)

  • Broome Kooljaman Trainee Program

    This case study demonstrates how traineeships provided employment and skill development opportunities to the region’s Indigenous communities.

    Broome Kooljaman Trainee Program Case Study (PDF, 636KB)

  • A Taste of Broome

    This case study demonstrates how Broome promoted the region’s Indigenous tourism products to a national and international audience.

    A Taste of Broome Case Study (PDF, 696KB)