Who is eligible?

International and Australian-based proponents are eligible for the Tourism Major Project Facilitation (TMPF) service for significant tourism projects within Australia. The service will have national coverage.

State and Territory Government support

Projects must have in-principle support by the relevant State or Territory Government in order for a project to receive the TMPF service. Austrade will determine whether there is support for the project by consulting with relevant State or Territory Government agencies during the assessment process.

Project criteria

Proponents may apply to the Australian Government Minister for Tourism if their proposed project meets the following four criteria:

  1. The project has a capital investment value in excess of A$50 million* and makes a significant contribution to economic growth, exports, employment and/or infrastructure development
    * a project that has a capital investment value of less than A$50 million but has significant regional economic benefits can be submitted for consideration by the relevant State or Territory Government on behalf of a proponent
    The capital investment value of a development or project includes all costs necessary to establish and operate the project, including the design and construction of buildings, structures, associated infrastructure and fixed or mobile plant and equipment. It excludes land and building purchase costs.


  2. The project is of strategic significance to Tourism 2020, and has strong claims against one or more of its six objectives:
    • Grow demand from Asia
    • Build competitive digital capability
    • Encourage investment and implement regulatory reform agenda
    • Ensure tourism transport environment supports growth
    • Increase supply of labour, skills and Indigenous participation
    • Build industry resilience, productivity and quality
    Proponents should refer to the Tourism 2020 publication for more detail on Tourism 2020 and how proposed projects may meet this criterion.


  3. The project is in the national interest and is likely to significantly impact the sector by providing a new product that is likely to increase international visitation to a destination
    The project should be a quality product that will enhance Australia’s reputation as a destination for international visitors.


  4. The project requires Australian Government approval(s) administered under Australian Government legislation in order to proceed.
    Australian Government approvals and assistance that may be required include, but are not limited to:
    • environment and heritage
    • employment
    • workplace relations
    • education and training
    • immigration
    • customs and quarantine
    • infrastructure and transport
    • regional development
    • Indigenous affairs
    • industry
    • fisheries
    • aviation

Austrade can assist proponents to identify further approvals or programs that may be relevant to the project.