What are the benefits of the Tourism Major Project Facilitation (TMPF) service?

Tourism investment projects often require multiple approvals from different agencies in different jurisdictions because of their location in areas of high natural amenity and their multi-use nature.

The TMPF service will case manage projects through Australian Government approvals processes. Working closely with Tourism Australia and State and Territory Government agencies, the TMPF will save investors time and money by streamlining interactions with Australian Government approval authorities.

The TMPF service provides a central point of contact in the Australian Government for significant tourism projects. Eligible projects would be granted a case manager to:

  • identify the range of Australian Government approvals required
  • facilitate introductions and meetings with Australian Government approving agencies
  • provide support and expertise on government programs and processes
  • assist investors to access relevant Australian Government support programs
  • help broker solutions to problems that arise during the course of obtaining approvals

How will the TMPF service work with Tourism Australia?

For international and domestic investors, the TMPF service will be the final link in the range of Australian Government services to facilitate tourism investment in Australia. The TMPF service will work closely with Tourism Australia and State and Territory Governments to help investors understand the Australian regulatory environment.

For international investors, the TMPF service will bolster the Australian Government’s efforts in developing a consistent and effective whole of government approach to foreign direct investment in Australia’s tourism industry under the recently established Australian Tourism Investment Attraction Program.

How will the TMPF service work with State and Territory Governments and industry?

This service, which has been endorsed by Tourism Ministers, will offer investors a national tourism investment facilitation service by linking with existing services offered by state and territory governments. Relevant industry representative bodies will be consulted as appropriate to gain an understanding of a proposal’s regional context, including its consistency with local tourism strategies.

Does the TMPF service guarantee that I can obtain approvals for my project?

No. Obtaining the TMPF service does not infer Australian Government endorsement or across the board approval for a project, and does not absolve the project from meeting the standard requirements of relevant approval processes.

What if the relevant State or Territory Government is not supportive of my project?

If in the course of the assessment process the relevant State or Territory Government does not provide in-principle support to a project, it will not receive the TMPF service. Of course, this does not prevent a proponent from seeking approvals in the usual manner.

My project does not meet the A$50 million threshold. Can I still apply?

It is recommended that you contact the TMPF case manager for an initial discussion. A project may be eligible depending on the level of support from the relevant State or Territory Government, the individual merits of the project, and the significance of a project to a region.

How much information is required to assess my project?

The project’s eligibility for the TMPF service is based on initial information provided in the application process and through enquiries made to a range of parties by Austrade.

Whilst it is important that as much information as possible about the proposal can be provided at the application stage, Austrade can discuss ways to treat commercially-sensitive applications appropriately.

How soon will I know if I can receive the service?

Austrade aims to provide advice on the success or otherwise of applications within 4–6 weeks from receipt.

What are the costs?

There is no cost to the applicant in applying for the Tourism Major Project Facilitation service or for the use of the service.


To enquire about the Tourism Major Project Facilitation service, please contact:
Ms Emma McDonald
Senior Investment Specialist
Tourism Major Project Facilitation Service
Email: emma.mcdonald@austrade.gov.au
Phone: +61 2 6272 6806