The application process

Proponents are encouraged to liaise with Austrade regarding their application before applying. Please contact Ms Emma McDonald, Manager, Tourism Major Project Facilitation service (TMPF) (contact details below) to set up an initial discussion about your project.

Submitting an application involves two steps:

  • Contacting the Manager of the TMPF service by email or telephone to discuss your project and how to apply.
  • Writing a letter (between two and four pages) to the Australian Government Minister for Trade and Investment requesting the TMPF service. The letter must be signed by the Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director or equivalent, and include:
    • a description of the proposed project, including location, scale and the nature of the entire development
    • the project’s claims against the four eligibility criteria

The assessment process

The Manager, TMPF Service, will firstly have a discussion with you to scope the range of approvals required for your project, and discuss how the TMPF service may assist. Following this discussion, you may choose to proceed with applying for the TMPF service.

Once your application is received by the Minister for Trade and Investment, Austrade will conduct enquiries to determine the complexity of approvals required and in-principle support for the project by the relevant jurisdiction. This will include:

  • contacting State or Territory Government counterparts to verify and corroborate proponent intentions and clarify non-Australian Government support and assistance for a project
  • contacting relevant local government/tourism associations/organisations where the project is proposed
  • contacting relevant line areas within the department and other Australian Government departments and agencies to confirm claims and details of any assistance being provided
  • confirming Heads Of Agreements and any other commercial agreements
  • using publicly available sources of information, including information from the Australian Stock Exchange, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and other sources as required to verify any aspect of the project and to obtain additional information.

Project proponents are reminded that obtaining the TMPF service does not infer Australian Government endorsement or across the board approval for projects, and does not absolve the project from meeting less than the standard requirements of relevant approval processes.


The outcome of an application should be advised within 4–6 weeks of receipt of a request for the TMPF service.


There is no cost to the applicant in applying for the Tourism Major Project Facilitation service or for the use of the service.

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To enquire about the Tourism Major Project Facilitation service, please contact:
Ms Emma McDonald
Senior Investment Specialist
Tourism Major Project Facilitation Service
Phone: +61 2 6272 6806