Are there other organisations and websites that provide services and information for exporters?

Australian Wine and Grape Authority (Wine Australia) is the Australian Government authority responsible for the promotion and regulation of Australian wine and brandy, under the provisions of the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation Act, 1980. Wine Australia provides the Australian wine industry with essential services including promotion, information and regulation.

Australian Wine Export
AWEC's key role is to provide an export promotion and market development arm for the Australian wine industry. Its main objective is collaborative image building for the wine industry overseas by promoting Australia as a diverse source of quality wine at competitive world prices.

Department of Agriculture and Water
If you are a new or potential exporter of agricultural products, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources can help get your product to its destination market. The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources can help you understand the export requirements for your particular product and the import conditions of destination countries so your agricultural products have a smooth transition to market.

Some agricultural products have legal and administrative requirements for export. These may be licensing requirements for exporters, premises registration, export permits and health certificates to accompany export consignments or export inspection procedures prior to load-out. Some of the Department’s services attract fees. For more information about the Department’s services for exporters, visit: or call: 1800 900 090

Meat & Livestock
MLA undertakes a range of research and development, information and marketing programs designed to benefit beef, sheepmeat and goatmeat industry participants, from livestock producers right through to retailers.

Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)
The Australian community expects that medicines and medical devices in the marketplace are safe and of high quality, to a standard at least equal to that of comparable countries. The objective of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989, is to provide a national framework for the regulation of therapeutic goods in Australia and ensure their quality, safety and efficacy.

Australian Copyright
The Australian Copyright Council assists creators and other copyright owners to exercise their rights effectively and raises awareness in the community about the importance of copyright.

IP Australia
IP Australia grants rights in patents, trade marks and designs, ensuring that Australians benefit from the effective use of intellectual property (IP), particularly through increased innovation, investment and trade.

Australian Institute of
Australian Institute of Export fosters, promotes and develops export awareness within Australia. The Institute's activities cover hands-on training in export practice, continuing post-graduate education, networking through Institute membership and activities, and providing independent advice to Government on export policy. The Institute is dedicated to improving the professional status of exporters by providing practical training and continuing education for members and graduates.

Tourism Australia is the Federal Government statutory authority responsible for international and domestic tourism marketing, as well as the delivery of research and forecasts for the sector.
AusIndustry, the Australian Government's business program delivery division in the Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources, provides incentives to support business innovation.

AusIndustry delivers a range of more than 36 business products, including innovation grants, tax and duty concessions, small business services, and support for industry competitiveness worth about $2 billion each year to more than 10,000 small and large businesses.

Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (EFIC)
The Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (EFIC) is Australia’s Export Credit Agency (ECA)
The EFIC Act charges EFIC with undertaking four key functions:

  • To facilitate and encourage Australian export trade by providing insurance and financial services and products to persons involved directly or indirectly in export trade
  • To encourage banks and other financial institutions in Australia to finance or assist in financing exports
  • To manage the Australian Government’s aid supported mixed credit program (a facility which has now been discontinued, although loans are still outstanding under it)
  • To provide information and advice regarding insurance and financial arrangements to support Australian exports.

Australia’s Free Trade
This website provides information on the benefits and details on current Free Trade Agreements.

Department of Immigration and Border
DIBP manages the security and integrity of Australia's borders. It works closely with other government and international agencies, in particular the Australian Federal Police and the Department of Defence, to detect and deter unlawful movement of goods and people across the border.

Department of Foreign Affairs and
DFATadvances the interests of Australia and Australians internationally. This aim is the driving force behind our work and underpins all the department's goals, priorities, values and culture.

This department's goals are to:

  • Enhance Australia's security
  • Contribute to growth in Australia's economy, employment and standard of living
  • Assist Australian travellers and Australians overseas
  • Strengthen global cooperation in ways that advance Australia's interests
  • Foster public understanding of Australia's foreign and trade policy and project a positive image of Australia internationally.