What are defence export controls and do I need to get an export permit?

Certain types of goods, technology and intellectual property cannot be exported from Australia without prior approval - this is to prevent their unauthorised use in military conflicts or by terrorist groups. Importantly, this covers not only military items but also 'dual use' items that can be employed for military purposes.

Goods included in the Defence and Strategic Goods List (DSGL) may not be exported, supplied, published or brokered from Australia unless either a permit has been granted by the Minister for Defence or a legislative exemption applies to the export, supply, publication or brokering activity.

Understanding whether your goods or technology are controlled is an important part of the process. For more information visit the website of the Defence Export Controls Office .

The Defence Export Controls Office encourages businesses to use the online DSGL Tool before contacting DEC to assess whether your goods, software or technology are listed in the DSGL, and also whether your export, supply, publication or brokering activity is subject to export controls.