What is the Known Consignor scheme and how does it affect my air freight shipments to the USA?

From 1 July 2017, United States (US) legislation requires all air cargo being transported to the USA to either be examined at piece-level (box, carton, pallet or another deconsolidated form of cargo) or originate from a "Known Consignor". A Known Consignor is responsible for securing air cargo that originates from their business until the air cargo is provided to another regulated business.

Complying with this obligation will require Australian-based exporters, freight forwarders and airlines to adopt new security measures for the preparation of US-bound air cargo. Australian exporters have two options for meeting these requirements:

1. Using an Australian Government-approved freight agent who can examine your US-bound air cargo; or

2. Being approved as a Known Consignor, so you can secure air cargo originating from your business to minimise potential delays and costs. To apply and become a Known Consignor you will need to fill in an expression of interest with the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

You should also discuss your future arrangements for US-bound air cargo with their customers and supply chain logistics service providers. A range of frequently asked questions (FAQs) is available at: https://infrastructure.gov.au/security/air-cargo/FAQ.aspx .

If you would like further information on the new requirements for US-bound air cargo, Enhanced Air Cargo Examination or the Known Consignor Scheme, please contact aircargosecurity@infrastructure.gov.au or ring the Office of Transport Security Guidance Centre on 1300 791 581 between 9am and 5pm on weekdays. You can also subscribe to Air Cargo Security updates for updates on air cargo security.