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Nangang Exhibition Centre

Taipei City, Taiwan


4-8 Dec 2019


9:30 AM - 5:00 PM


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2019 Australian Biomedical & Digital Health Showcase (Taiwan)

About event:

Austrade Taipei will host an Australian Biomedical & Digital Health Showcase during 2019 Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo to promote Australian capabilities and capture opportunities from Taiwan and the region.

This event aims to build commercial biomedical partnerships between Australia and Taiwan. It will include five main activities:

  1. Australia-Taiwan Biomedical & Digital Health Forum: Co-hosted with the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry (IBMI) in Taiwan.
  2. Inno-zone in 2019 Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo: Showcase your company’s capabilities together with 100+ innovators around the world.
  3. Site Visits: Visit major hospitals, industry parks and market leaders in Taiwan based on delegates’ interests.
  4. B2B Business Matching: To be arranged by the Partnering System from Healthcare+ Expo and the support of Austrade Taipei.
  5. International Hospital President Forum (optional): Engage with 50+ hospital leaders in hospital management and digital trends.
Who should participate:

Australian businesses in:

  • Digital health & technology (e.g. medical AI, tele-medicine)
  • Hospital management/Health IT
  • Precision health & preventive Medicine
  • Genetic medicine & cell therapy
Austrade package:

For detailed information about this event and the participation package, please refer to the event brochure (384KB pdf).

Application deadline:

 18 October 2019

How to apply:

Apply to participate in this event using the register button below.

Acceptance of your application is not confirmed until you have received formal notification from Austrade. Austrade is not bound to accept any application and shall only do so at its sole discretion so as to best facilitate export and foreign direct investment.

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Please note:

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