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13 Nov 2019

9:30-10:30am (Vietnam time)


1:30 PM - 2:30 PM


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E-commerce Opportunities in an emerging ASEAN Market – Vietnam - Shopee

About event:

E-commerce in Vietnam has been likened to A tiger awakens thanks to soaring internet connectivity (internet penetration of 47%), a young tech-savvy mobile-first population (mobile subscription rate at 128%, smartphone penetration at 36%, 60% of the population under the age of 35) and rising disposable incomes. With the fast growth rate of 35% in 2015-2018, Vietnam’s online market has reached over US$9 billion in 2018, and given the continuous above growth rate, is becoming the third largest market in South East Asia by 2025.

With the rising role of e-commerce reshaping Vietnamese consumption, people are turning to online retailers. Join this webinar to hear directly from experts of Vietnam’s key e-commerce players sharing their knowledge of Vietnam market, their business status, business vision and view on opportunities and challenges for E-commerce in Vietnam. Attendees will also be provided information of categories driving growth in each of the e-commerce platform.

  • Austrade: Quick overview of Vietnam’s economy, and Vietnam consumers’s view on Australian products
  • Shopee Vietnam:
    • General information about: E-commerce industry and Shopee’s background.
    • Shopee target audiences and value propositions
    • Shopee’s business model and 3 ways of work with Shopee
    • The most powerful weapon of Shopee: 9.9, 10.10, 11.11, 12.12 campaign

Shopee Vietnam is the top E-commerce Player in Vietnam by traffic in Quarter 3 of 2019 – average monthly traffic of 34.5 million during this quarter, being led by the mobile-first platform, with Shopee Mall for businesses.

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Who should attend:

All Australian businesses/SMEs interested in exploring opportunities of e-commerce in an emerging ASEAN market- Vietnam. Especially current exporters or potential exporters of consumer goods and health

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