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30 Nov 2020

US Fundraising Virtual Boot Camp

Austrade invites Australian tech enabled scaleups seeking US capital to join our US Fundraising boot camp. Delivered by the Australian Landing Pad in San Francisco and our delivery partners Exit Velocity

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2 Dec 2020

IMME 2020 International Mining and Machinery Virtual Exhibition

In this virtual exhibition, CII would allow exhibitors in the virtual booths to present company and product information and provide real time downloadable visitor analysis.

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4 Dec 2020

EMDG Reform: Draft Rules Released for Public Consultation

EMDG is a well-recognised and popular Federal Government program helping SME exporters go global by co-funding eligible international promotional activities.

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7 Dec 2020


SLINGSHOT is an international startup competition for promising startups to showcase themselves to investors, corporates, and collaborators.

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17 May 2021

Cultivo™ Global Immersion Program, Iowa USA

IOWA AgTech 2 week immersion program 17-27 May, 2021

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