Environment and Energy

Industry Capability Reports

  • power

    Australian capability in power (PDF, 1 MB)
    This industry capability report provides an overview of Australian capability across key sub-sectors of the power industry, including power generation, coal supply, gas supply and renewables. It includes case studies of Australian companies with specialist expertise.

  • Microgrids, Smart Grids and Energy Storage Solutions industry capability report

    Microgrids, Smart Grids and Energy Storage Solutions (PDF, 1.19MB)
    This industry capability statement provides an overview of Australian capability in microgrids, smart grids and energy storage solutions.

  • Renewable Energy research capability report

    Renewable energy (PDF, 1.75MB)
    This industry capability statement provides an overview of Australian capability in innovative and competitive renewable energy technologies.

  • Urban and industrial water capability report

    Urban and industrial water (PDF, 2.88MB)
    This industry capability statement provides an overview of Australian capability in urban and industrial water solutions, including examples of some of the many Australian companies with specialist expertise.

Clean Energy and Environment Export Directory

The Clean Energy and Environment Export Directory showcases and catalogues numerous export-capable Australian companies operating in nearly all clean energy and environment sectors.

View a showcase of Australian clean energy and environment companies (Interactive PDF, 18MB) or
Download the clean energy and environment directory (PDF, 17.5MB)

Please note: you will need Adobe Flash Player to view the Interactive PDF. If you don't have this, you can download it at http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer.

Australia's dynamic water industry

Australia has a unique water challenge. Increasing variability in extreme climate conditions has required governments, industry and citizens to prioritise water management. This focus has led to distinctive approaches, changes in governance, behavioural change and technology innovation. Australia's experience and approach to addressing water management challenges is regarded as among the most progressive in the world. This publication has been prepared by the Australian Water Association, with the support of the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade), the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research (DIISR ), waterAUSTRALIA and industry partners to illustrate some of the innovative solutions developed by Australian business and research groups that have built resilience to water management by urban, agricultural and industrial sectors across Australia.


A wealth of renewable energy resources

Signing the Kyoto Protocol in 2007, committing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60 per cent by 2050 and expanding the renewable energy target to 20 per cent by 2020 confirm Australia’s strong commitment to addressing climate change and restructuring to a low carbon economy.

Rich in renewable energy resources

Australia is naturally endowed with a wealth of renewable energy resources, especially solar, wind, wave and tidal and hot dry rock geothermal energy, all of which are now being mapped by the Australian Government in an online renewable energy atlas to help planners and investors.

A proud history in renewable energy research & development

Australia has contributed to innovations in solar photovoltaic cell design and in solar thermal. Our universities hold world records for high performing silicon photovoltaic cells in most categories and have developed commercial technologies including the ‘Sliver Cell’. Our companies are developing large scale concentrating solar generation systems and pioneering the development of photosynthetic dye solar cells.

Australia has led the world in the development and commercialisation of solar hot water heating. Australian researchers are progressing second generation biofuels through bio-prospecting algae and biomass feed stocks.

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