Defence and Security

Delivering cutting-edge capability solutions

Australian defence industry companies have a proud history of delivering cutting-edge capability solutions on time and within budget for military operations both at home and overseas.

Keeping pace with advancing technologies, Australian defence firms design, manufacture and maintain quality military equipment capable of operating in extreme conditions such as high heat and humidity and cold Antarctic waters.

Specialist products include command and control systems, multi-sensor data fusion, signal processing, underwater systems, phased array radar, navigation and positioning aids, logistics support systems and self-monitoring propulsion systems.

Specialist services include ship-building, construction and repair of major weapons, systems integration and the provision of land, maritime and air services to support peacetime and operational defence requirements.

Australian defence firms have supplied Australia’s defence forces with sophisticated capability solutions for deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Solomon Islands, South-East Asia and East Timor.

Australia’s defence industry sector is supported by research and development undertaken by the Australian Government’s world-leading Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO).


Australia’s leading-edge aerospace industry is already a competitive supplier to the world’s markets and is a participant in the multi-national Joint Strike Fighter program. 

Australia is a world leader in aircraft maintenance and life extensions, including renewal of the P3 Orion maritime patrol aircraft for the Royal Australian Air Force as well as other nations.

Australia’s aerospace industry has strong capabilities in system and software design, engineering, component design, manufacturing and servicing, air systems integration, airport equipment and services, air traffic management and aircrew training for both civil and defence applications.


Australian defence companies design, manufacture and support specialist military vehicles that are capable of withstanding harsh environments while conducting demanding missions (such as the Overlander vehicle project).

Some of the capability requirements that are fundamental to military vehicles designed by Australian firms include blast protection, rugged suspension, troop comfort, long-range endurance and the ability to operate in hot, dry and dusty conditions.

Australian defence companies have adapted and improved overseas designs of armoured fighting vehicles such as M113 and ASLAVs and have designed and manufactured a range of specialist military equipment, munitions and small arms.


Australia’s maritime industry is internationally competitive and has a proven track record in the construction, integration, modification and support of naval vessels and their sub-systems.

Australia also built and now operates the world’s most advanced conventional submarines, resulting in the establishment of an advanced skills base in submarine systems development, integration and high-pressure hull fabrication.

Australia’s maritime industry constructed the ANZAC Frigates and HUON Minehunters and is now preparing to construct state-of-the-art air warfare destroyers and support ships for the Australian Navy.

Australia’s world-class naval capabilities include: ship construction, modular fabrication, systems integration, platform integration, sub-system design and maintenance services, patrol boat design and construction and high-speed naval vessel design and construction.

Logistics and command and control

The success of the defence industry is dependent on the use of high technology equipment that creates an advantage for Australian troops in military action.

Australian defence companies have extensive experience working with defence forces to provide logistic support and develop complex command and control systems.

Intelligence and information gathering

Demand for intelligence services has increased during the last five years, partly to counter the growth of non-centralised terrorist organisations.

Australian firms deliver cutting-edge radars and surveillance equipment, including unmanned aerial vehicles, phased array radars, electro-optic systems and underwater sensors.

Secure software packages and tactical command centres are also available for the analysis of surveillance and reconnaissance data for intelligence purposes.

Specialist training

Australia borders three of the world’s great oceans and has one of the most challenging military environments in the world.

Global partners look to Australia for its highly-skilled workforce and the specialist training it can provide, including training in navigation and seamanship, systems engineering and integration, officer and pilot training and aero-maintenance.

Showcasing Australian defence and security technology

Team Australia is a collaborative initiative of the Australian Government and the Australian defence industry. It utilises both government and industry to provide Australian defence solutions to customers across the globe.

Team Australia works together with the Department of Defence and industry to showcase Australian defence companies to overseas buyers.

The Department of Defence and Industry have partnered to form Team Australia to showcase Australian defence companies to overseas buyers.

The Australian Defence Magazine’s Directory of Suppliers also provides a database of Australian defence products and services capability.

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