Australian digital innovation on the rise
22 Oct 2020
Australia’s tech startup and innovation ecosystem is rapidly growing, attracting global attention and increasing venture capital funding.
Why Australia: Benchmark Report
6 Mar 2019
The Benchmark Report provides a comprehensive overview of Australia's performance across a wide range of economic and social indicators.
Australia: Shaping the future of food and agriculture
19 Feb 2019
The Australian agricultural sector has always been hungry for innovation to drive productivity and value. Building on this strong record of innovation, the country is emerging as a hub for Agriculture ...
Education Technology - Industry Capability Report
17 Jul 2017
Australia leads the way with education technology solutions for policy makers and governments, education providers and employers, learners and investors.
Australia: Destination Innovation
5 Apr 2017
The future prosperity, health and sustainability of the world is closely bound to the human capacity for innovation.
Investment opportunities in digital technologies in Australia
20 Oct 2016
With 25 years of consecutive growth, globally significant industries and a track record of excellence in research and development (R&D), Australia offers growth opportunities for foreign investment in ...
Rail, education and training Capability Report
30 Aug 2016
This industry capability report gives you an overview of Australian capability in the rail transport industries, including examples of some of the many Australian companies with specialist expertise.
Introduction to the levels of government in Australia
13 Apr 2016
Austrade’s Levels of Government Guide provides investors with a high-level overview of Australia’s governance system and how it relates to investment.
Agribusiness and food education and research - Industry Capability Report
11 Apr 2016
This industry capability statement provides an overview of Australian capability in the agribusiness, and food education and research industries, including examples of some of the many Australian orga ...
Investment opportunities in Australian Agribusiness and Food Brochure
1 Oct 2015
As an island continent with strong biosecurity regulations, Australia’s agribusiness and food sector is renowned for clean, green and safe production.
Investment Opportunities in Australian Infrastructure Brochure
1 Oct 2015
Australia’s buoyant economy, growing population and increased trade footprint are driving the country’s need for new and sophisticated investments in infrastructure.
Investment Opportunities in Australian Resources and Energy Brochure
1 Oct 2015
Australia’s vast mineral and petroleum resources underpin its status as a global leader in the resources and energy sector.
Northern Australia emerging opportunities in an advanced economy
9 Jun 2015
Northern Australia is an untapped market full of possibility yet situated firmly within the safety and security of a successful advanced economy.
Mining Automation Technology Flyer
8 Apr 2015
Australia is considered a world leader in mining automation technologies that enable resources companies to operate safely and more efficiently in remote and harsh conditions. Automation advances are ...
Aerospace Manufacturing and Services Industry Capability Report
31 Mar 2015
With its large internal land mass and geographic distance from its trade partners, Australia has been actively involved in aviation since the early days of the industry.