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As a sophisticated, modern economy, Australia offers diverse business opportunities across a broad range of world-class industry sectors. Avenues for sourcing products and services range from our traditional industries, such as food and wine, where Australia's competitive advantages are well established, to fast-evolving technology and services sectors, such as business solutions software, green building products, energy efficiency and environmental products and services. Australia is also a good source of consumer products such as fashion, jewellery, art, and natural and organic health care and cosmetics. Services in high demand from Australia include education, from high school to post graduate, corporate and flight training, financial, legal, risk management, accounting, film production and performing arts.

Australian industry expertise

Australian products and expertise are renowned globally for high quality and innovation. View our industry capabilities showcasing Australian products and services in various industries.

Industry experts at Austrade can help reduce the time and cost of doing business in Australia by helping international buyers locate and identify the right suppliers; by organising visits to meet producers and suppliers in Australia; and by informing international buyers about new Australian products and services.

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The Australian Suppliers Directory is a listing of Australian companies that may be able to supply goods and/or services to your business.

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