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Why invest in Australia?

Australia has a deserved reputation as a sound place to invest, and many Hong Kong and Macau-based businesses have invested in a range of industries including energy, logistics and retail. Our unparalleled economic record, world-class industry capabilities and unique cultural and geographic advantages in the world’s fastest-growing region, all form part of Australia's impressive reputation as an investment destination. It is easy and efficient to start a business in Australia, which offers a low-risk and stable business environment, with some of the best business-friendly policies. Investors can expect a stable and efficient regulatory environment, a highly skilled and multi-lingual workforce and a culture of innovation.

Promising avenues for investing in Australia include infrastructure, advanced manufacturing, clean technologies and environmental services, tourism, retail and research and development.

For further information please visit Austrade's Invest in Australia section.

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If your company is exploring direct investment opportunities in Australia, the Austrade team of English and Chinese-speaking business advisers in Hong Kong and Macau are waiting to hear from you. Please contact us today on 2588 5300 or via email:


The Australian Government welcomes foreign investment. Find out about growth opportunities which play to our strengths.

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Guide to investing

Useful information about establishing and running a business in Australia.

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Benchmark Report

Compare Australia across key investment indicators – Economy, Skilled Labour, Business Environment, Lifestyle.

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