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Australian Innovation Showcase in India

The Australian Innovation Showcase in India is an initiative of the Australian Trade and Investment Commission, and the Australian Government, to demonstrate Australia’s world class research, technology and industries to India.

Australia’s research institutions, universities and technology companies are among the best in the world and offer significant potential for partnerships. Australia’s advanced innovation framework, coupled with government and business investment in research and development, and a track record of world-class discoveries and outcomes, present cutting-edge collaboration, research and commercialisation opportunities for India.

Establishing strong links in research and development, technology transfer and commercialisation will provide mutual benefit to both Australia and India. Australian research and technology start-ups need partners to commercialise and a path to the global market. Indian companies are driving ongoing innovation programs to continue to improve competitiveness of their indigenous industries both at home here in India, and in international markets to build on their increasing global success.

Australian Innovation Showcase 2015 - 2016

As part of the Australian Innovation Showcase in India initiative, The Australian Trade and Investment Commission organises a series of activities across India titled “Australian Innovation Showcase”.

The 3rd edition - The Australian Innovation Showcase 2015 - 2016 with a focus on life sciences & healthcare; advanced manufacturing & materials science; ICT; dairy; water & environment features research symposiums, site visits, Australian delegations visits to India; Indian business delegations visits to Australia; virtual sessions, etc.

Key activities of Australian Innovation Showcase 2015 - 2016 includes (Please click on the activity titles for information on the missions and activities)

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Virtual Innovation Showcase

Australia has world class manufacturing technologies and solutions.  India is looking to increase its manufacturing share of GDP from 15-25%.  To do this companies need to improve their competitiveness and productivity.  Australian advanced manufacturing technology and services companies are looking for new growth markets and India is now the fastest growing major economy.  By working together we can create good business outcomes for both sides.  Austrade, the Australian Government's Trade & Investment Commission is holding a Virtual Showcase to profile Australian solutions to top Indian corporates.  To find out more about how to participate please visit|0.


Australian Innovation Showcase - 2013 and 2014

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Australian Innovation News

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Experts Speak

Please click here to watch video interviews with Australian scientists & researchers on their views on Australian Innovation and potential areas of cooperation between Australia & India

Australian Innovation Capability

Australian Innovation Capability

Australian Innovation Capability Video

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Success Stories

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Partner with Australia for innovation and your research and development programs. The Australian Trade and Investment Commission – The Australian Government’s trade and investment development agency can assist Indian businesses in locating and connecting with the relevant Australian partners. For more information email