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Australia’s socially and emotionally intelligent personal Robots to support well-being and sustainability of human society in India

Australia’s La Trobe University in association with NEC Corporation Japan have researched and developed a socially and emotionally intelligent personal robot. Named PaPeRo, Partner Type Personal Robot, the robot has applications in health and aged care, resource management, education, organisational innovation and travel & tourism.

Supported by the Australian Consulate General, Australian Researchers Prof Rajiv Khosla and Dr Mei-Tai Chu are in Chennai with the PaPeRo Robots to participate at the IIT Madras’ annual technical festival, Shaastra. 

PaPeRo Robots, with a baby face like appearance, are 40 cms tall with attributes of voice vocalization, face recognition, face registration and face tracking, facial expressions, gestures, body motion sensors, dance movements, touch sensors and emotion recognition.  PaPeRo Robots can recognise and speak about 3000 words.

PaPeRo Robots can be emotionally profiled to dance, play music, read books, make phone calls, provide weather information, etc. PaPeRo Robots have also been trialled to improve employee engagement in workplace by supporting recruitment and training processes.

PaPeRo Robots are unique in that this can be used therapeutically for mild dementia sufferers.  Senior citizens with mild dementia can communicate with the PaPeRo Robots using their voice or a touch panel with large buttons. The emotional well-being of mild dementia sufferers will be improved through engagement and sensory enrichment. PaPeRo Robots provide innovative services like reminiscing with dementia suffers, sends mood-based emails and assisting care-givers to remotely manage the activities of dementia sufferers. PaPeRo Robots help the dementia sufferers to gain confidence in daily life and reduce feelings of uselessness.

Prof Rajiv Khosla, Director, Research Centre for Computers, Communications and Social Innovation said, “We are looking for research and business partners in India to enable social and workplace innovation using emotionally engaging social robots.”

Mr Michael Carter, Trade Commissioner for South India, Australian Trade and Investment Commission said, “Australia’s research institutions, universities and technology companies are among the best in the world and offer significant potential for partnerships. Australia’s advanced innovation framework, coupled with government and business investment in research and development, and a track record of world-class discoveries and outcomes, present cutting-edge collaboration, research and commercialisation opportunities for India”.

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Australia’s strong track record, quality research institutions and commitment to world-class innovation make it a proven destination to develop new ideas and bring them to life.

Australia’s research institutions are among the best in the world and offer opportunities for private-sector industry collaborations. Australia’s talented and highly skilled workforce provides the resources necessary for investors to realise their potential.

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