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Here are some snapshots of what is engaging our Industry Specialists in the Austrade Singapore office.


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Australia’s aerospace industry is inventive, competitive and technically sophisticated. With the country’s large internal land mass and geographic distance from its trade partners, Australia has been actively involved in aviation since the early days of the industry. Australia’s capability is broad, with expertise ranging from civil to defence applications. Read more ……


Keeping pace with advancing technologies, Australian defence firms design, manufacture and maintain quality military equipment capable of operating in extreme conditions such as high heat and humidity and cold Antarctic waters. The industry has a proud history of delivering cutting-edge capability solutions on time and within budget for military operations both at home and overseas. Read more ......

RESOURCES - Oil and Gas

Australian centers of excellence and clusters of suppliers, researchers and tier one industry players are working together to provide an environment for innovation and commercialisation of new solutions and technologies. Maximising the potential of deep, remote, offshore areas has relied – and continues to rely – on advances in exploration, infrastructure and project development, transportation and maintenance. Read more ......


Ongoing development of the ICT industry in Australia has been key to ensuring that businesses stay competitive now and into the future. Australia’s commitment to ICT research and development also enables it to stay at the forefront of developing innovative solutions that can overcome challenges such as water shortages and other environmental issues.

The country has contributed to leading milestone scientific discoveries and commercial developments. Examples include EFTPOS (electronic funds transfer at point of sale), the black box flight recorder, wireless local area network (WLAN) technology, the silicon on sapphire semiconductor, and the world’s first Mobile Location Centre (MLC) capable of pinpointing a mobile subscriber's geographical location in real time to assist emergency services teams; integrated transceiver (complete transmitter and receiver on a single chip). In addition, a unique open-source microkernel solution for embedded systems in mobile phones and broadband internet devices which offers performance combined with strong protection and security features. Read more ……


“Clean, green and safe” – without exception this is what Australian food and agribusiness is renowned for. The “Product of Australia” label reassures customers of a high quality standard.

Australia is Singapore’s fourth largest agrifood supplier and enjoys a market share of nearly 9% (S$1 billion). Read more …..


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Green Building and Sustainable Building

Australia is at the forefront of green building and sustainable building practices using design and planning processes that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient. With climatic conditions varying widely due to the country’s large geographic size, Australians are experienced in managing scarcity and working with climate extremes. Energy, water and resources are priorities.

Infrastructure and Engineering

Australia’s expertise in these fields includes designing multi-use roads - such as freight corridors which integrate with private vehicles and pedestrians - as well as geotechnical engineering, traffic modelling, tunneling and pavement expertise.

Difficult terrain and highly variable environmental conditions have fostered innovation in designing, monitoring and managing the country’s expansive network. This has resulted in sharp declines in the nation’s road crashes, injuries and deaths. Read more …...


Over the past decade, Australia’s health and medical industry has grown dramatically in size and reputation due to its technology, innovation, high professional skills, and advanced research and development. Australia’s health and medical industry encompasses the whole ecosystem ranging from, but not limited to, infrastructure, health IT, aged care, education and training, and medical devices. Read more ......


Australia’s financial system is highly developed and competitive. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, the financial sector accounted for 8.6% of Australia’s GDP in 2014.

The country’s relative global strength has been underpinned by deep and liquid financial markets, a world-leading regulatory system, compulsory superannuation savings, a highly skilled workforce, and strong business infrastructure.

Australia continually invests in critical infrastructure throughout challenging economic cycles with both the federal, state and local governments delivering innovative outcomes in collaboration with private sector participants. Read more ......

And that’s not all – Australia also has expertise and capabilities in these sectors too.

  1. Biotechnology
  2. Consumer goods
  3. Creative industries
  4. Environment and energy
  5. Major sporting events
  6. Professional services
  7. Transport

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From education to financial services, food and resources, Australia has the innovation and capabilities to be your partner. Read the Why Australia Benchmark Report 2015 here.

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