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The Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) in Singapore plays an important role in enhancing the education partnerships between Singapore and Australia, through developing strategic relationships with public and private education institutions, industry associations, government agencies and corporate organisations.

  • I am interested in…..partnering with an Australian provider to offer transnational education
    The delivery of Australian programs internationally remains an integral strategy of Australia’s education sector. Presently, there are over 20 Australian institutions that have established a presence in Singapore, delivering a suite of vocational and higher education programs through offshore campuses, partnering with Singaporean education providers and delivering online courses.
    Austrade assists Singapore companies in identifying potential partners from Australia to offer transnational education in Singapore.
  • I want to develop…..research and development (R&D) partnerships with an Australian university or research organisation
    Australian universities and research organisations are pursuing academic and commercial relationships with Singaporean universities and research agencies in fields such as medical technology, biomedical sciences, food nutrition and advanced manufacturing.  There is ongoing interest from Australia to partner with Singapore in R&D.
    Australia has notably contributed to the development of some of the world’s leading technologies and innovations such as the bionic ear, cervical cancer vaccine and Wi-Fi.
  • I am a corporate organisation keen on….skill development
    Austrade regularly engages with sector associations and corporate organisations to understand the skills needs in key economic-driving industries such as healthcare, advanced manufacturing, engineering, infrastructure, hospitality and finance. Austrade plays a facilitation role in introducing Australian training courses to bridge the identified skills gaps.

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  • I want to…. study in Australia
    If you are a potential student and interested in pursuing an education in Australia, please visit for more information.