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Interested in investing in emerging technologies and R&D collaboration opportunities?

Australia is hosting a number of major technology conferences and events in October 2019 focussing on emerging technologies and R&D collaboration opportunities. Read about them here.....


Australian space economy

The Australian Government is investing more than AUD $260 million to develop world-leading core satellite infrastructure and technologies whilst the Space Industry Association of Australia identified 558 Australian-based organisations with space industry capabilities. The majority operate in the downstream part of the industry. Australian start-up companies and universities are developing and manufacturing nanosatellites or CubeSats.

The space industry has two key parts i.e. upstream (sending objects into space and space exploration) and downstream (using "upsteam" technology and research).

Territory space industry 2020 aims to position the Northern Territory to take advantage of this opportunity by:

  • growing the Territory’s space industry capabilities
  • connecting Territory industry and businesses with the Australian and global space economy
  • supporting the Territory economy to become ‘space-enabled’ and benefit from advances in the space sector that will lead to growth, jobs and innovation.

Download the Territory Space Industry 2020 here.

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Global investors stoke Australian exports as FDI stock reaches A$970 billion.

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Australia grew by 9.5% in 2018, according to latest data releases. Analysis shows Asian investors joining traditional FDI partners from North America and Europe. Meanwhile, A$366 billion of FDI in Australia’s resources helps sustain exports worth A$61 billion in 2017–18.

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Australia’s economy has outperformed its peers for more than two decades and the country is achieving great success in global industries.

Why Australia

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