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Australian Trade Commission
Year Established
Target Export Markets
Tropical, subtropical and warm temperate
regions with above average relative
humidity including:
Middle East – UAE, Oman, Qatar,
Lebanon, Israel, Kuwait, Iraq.
Africa – South Africa, Ghana,
Nigeria, Egypt
Asia Pacifc – Malaysia, Indonesia,
South America – Brazil, Columbia
Central America – Mexico, Panama,
Costa Rica
North America – USA
Target Export Industries
Health and wellness (consumer)
Remote industries without water
infrastructure including mining sites
Emergency and relief organisations
Industries requiring high quality water
without chemicals and impurities
associated with water treatment e.g.
dental industry
Industries looking at reducing their green
footprint in providing drinking water and
replacing bottled water
Fields of Commerce
Manufacture of products
Product maintenance and servicing
Research and development
Management Team
Mr Stephen Wallace, Chief Executive Offcer
Certifcations and Quality Approvals
CE Mark Certifcation – the European
Economic Area (EEA) health and safety
ISO 9000: 2000 Certifed International
Standard production facilities, located in
South Korea and supervised by Konia
NATA (National Association of Testing
Authorities) Accredited Laboratories for
all testing programs
for the best water generation results (ideally outside the house). This also
leads to many industrial applications, for instance, multiple generators can be
connected together in a bank of generators to produce larger amounts of water
and plumbed directly into a larger capacity water holding tank for agricultural
and other industrial applications. Countless Konia clients have managed to
get more use out of the Konia system than ever before through innovative
new applications.
Company Background
Konia has been manufacturing its Water to Air technologies for over a
decade. It has since grown to have a global presence after securing exclusive
world-wide distribution rights in 2008. The company is actively seeking
Australian and international distributors to further expand. Konia’s innovations
have been recognised through various certifcations, quality approvals and
Government grants.
International Projects
In Malaysia, a client has approached Konia Water to provide all its staff
drinking water needs in its 15 foor building. It is proposed to install a regiment
of 10 x 9000 series water generators with the potential of generating up to
1,000L daily.
Provision of high quality purifed ‘water from air’ and fltration to supply next
generation hydrogen generators.
Australian Projects
Innovation House
During seasons of the Australian Big Brother TV show, Konia generators
provided drinking water to all housemates
Residential application to address fuoride allergy
Awarded an ISUS grant from the Queensland Government for the continued
development of ‘WATER from AIR’ technology in 2006. This partnership
continued to produce strong results with two new ‘WATER from AIR’ models
released to the market in 2008.
Technology or Patent/Ownership
Konia owns patents for all its air to water dispenser units including the Konia Bio-
Control (KBC) patented technology that is specifcally designed to keep stored
water fresh by periodically pumping ozone into water tanks.