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Paul Kouris
+61 3 9225 7212
Suite 618
Owen Dixon Chambers,
205 William Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
The Kouris Centri Turbine Generator is a
non polluting, revolutionary system which
harnesses the rotational kinetic energy
created by the earth to generate free,
abundant hydroelectric energy, other than
by currents or tides
Target Export Markets
Brazil, Norway, New Zealand, Malaysia,
India, China, USA, Mexico, Japan
and Europe
Target Export Industries
Power and hydroelectric industries
rural and irrigation sectors
Type of Business Sought
Export, Licencing,
Joint Venture/Partnership
Specialist Areas of Expertise
Electrical transmission, energy storage,
hydroelectricity, hydro energy, rural and
remote utility
Year Established
Company Profle
Kouris Power has developed an improved hydroelectric generator using rotational
kinetic energy created by the earth. The Kouris Centri Turbine generator (KCT)
harnesses the energy produced naturally in a body of water by the forces
imposed upon it. This new, revolutionary system provides a source of abundant,
free and clean energy with no expected interference to existing hydroelectric
systems. Developed to provide a new, safer option to coal or nuclear energy, the
KCT generator will not pollute air or water or cause other environmental damage.
What distinguishes the KCT generator from other turbines is that it harnesses
rotational kinetic energy, i.e. a vortex, as distinct from lineal kinetic energy, i.e. a
waterfall where it relies on fow not fall. At its heart is the Coriolis Force, the same
force which both fascinates as it swirls the water in a bathtub and terrifes as it
drives the winds of a hurricane.
Widespread use of the KCT generator could help protect the environment and
address the energy crisis. The multi-purpose unit can be used in a number of
medium to large power-generating applications and in simple power production
applications for operating well pumps, grain mills and similar equipment on rural
properties. The KCT generator can operate independently as a stand alone unit
in dams and waterways, or be used in conjunction with a conventional gravity-fed
hydroelectric system. It is designed to increase the overall energy output of such
a system without damming any more rivers or cutting down any more trees. In
other words the KCT generator can produce more electricity with the same water.
Technologies & Capabilities
The KCT is designed to increase output by simply employing the water more
effciently. The KCT ‘Vortex’ Concept has been validated by the independent
construction of a stand-alone river vortex pilot plant in Austria. Since November
of 2005 it has been providing power to the local grid for 14 houses. Thereafter a
domestic KCT Pilot Plant was constructed in Australia that, with only 110 litres/sec
and a 2m vortex, < 1m deep, could power a conventional home. Furthermore, it
did not interfere with the fow rate. The Kouris Centri Turbine Generator (KCT) is a
patented invention that harnesses the rotational kinetic energy contained within
a vortex of water in order to generate continuous, emission-free and renewable
electrical energy. The system can be used either within:
A fowing waterway, without interference to the waterway or its fow rate, or
A dam, whether or not connected to a conventional, hydroelectric plant.
Prototype testing reveals that the fow of water to the conventional
hydroelectric plant is not impeded or diminished, but is in fact increased.
The KCT unit incorporates a cylindrical, elongated turbine which is installed
in a vertical orientation to use gravity/Coriolis forces and produce electrical or
mechanical power.
The design advantages of the unit are as follows:
Harnesses spinning motion produced naturally in a body of water by natural
forces imposed on it
Kourispower Pty Ltd.