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The technology has the following capabilities.
Electrical Power:
The device will have a rated capacity of 2.5MW or higher.
Depending on the wave climate conditions, it will be able to cover the electricity
needs of up to 1,000 Australian homes. It can be deployed in single devices, or
connected in parallel to form an array of multiple units to the same sub-sea cable
or to the same off-shore substation to send electricity to the power grid.
Desalinated Water:
The technology has the potential to produce fresh water by
generating high pressure sea water and converting it through a Reverse Osmosis
(RO) system. The advantage is that only fresh water would be pumped ashore,
while the brine would be discharged around the device through local wave
action and special outlets to allow adequate mixing with sea water. In typical
RO onshore plants, 1/3 of sea water pumped to shore is converted into fresh
water, the remaining 2/3 being pumped back off-shore as brine. Consequently,
signifcant energy savings could be achieved by using WEC devices rather than
conventional desalination plants.
Company Background
Energetech was founded in 1997 by Dr Tom Denniss. The company later
changed its name to Oceanlinx. In March 2003 the frst full scale Denniss-Auld
turbine was built and tested. The frst generation design (Mk1) was installed as
a full scale pilot plant at Port Kembla, New South Wales, in December 2006,
followed by testing of a one-third scale foating (Mk2) concept design in 2007.
The third generation design of the technology was deployed in March 2010, as
a pre-commercial version (Mk3 Pre Commercial or Mk3PC). Experience gained
from the full scale pilot plant (the Mk1 unit) and the Mk2 design forms the basis
of the new design, Oceanlinx Mk3. The Mk3 Pre-Commercial demonstration
scale device is the frst Australian grid connected device of its kind.
International Projects
The following are future projects currently being negotiated.
installation of 1 Oceanlinx WEC device providing 2.7 Megawatts (MW) of
power to Maui Electric Co., to be located off the coast of Maui, Hawaiian Islands.
potential installation of Oceanlinx WEC technology within the Portugal
Pilot Zone.
potential installation of Oceanlinx WEC technology at the European Marine
Energy Centre (EMEC), Orkney Islands.
Australian Projects
Port Kembla, New South Wales
The Oceanlinx Mk1 full scale prototype was ftted out and frst deployed in 2005.
The Mk1 Full Scale prototype was one of the frst full scale wave energy devices
in the world. Its operation over the last few years has provided invaluable test and
operational data guiding the development of subsequent designs.
Oceanlinx is launching its 3rd Generation Wave Energy Converter, the Mk3PC.
This latest design and pre-commercial platform, is one of the most effcient and
cost-effective wave energy technologies in the global scene today. This unit is the
only wave energy device in Australia of this size to be connected to the electrical
grid and producing energy. In fact, Oceanlinx is one of very few wave energy
developers around the world that have grid connected wave energy devices.
King Island, Tasmania
Potential installation of Oceanlinx WEC technology.
Fields of Commerce
Early commercialisation of IP, electricity
generation, engineering design, outsourced
manufacture of company ip, project
management, research and development
Management Team
Ali Baghaei, Chief Executive Offcer and
Executive Director
Colin Parbery, Chief Financial Offcer
Dr Tom Denniss, Chief Technology Offcer
Dr Wolfgang Mueller-Leydig, General
Manager Engineering
Nathan Faulks,
Business Development Director
2006 International Academy of Science
names Energetech technology among
the Ten Most Outstanding Technologies
in the World.
2009 Oceanlinx named by the United
Nations Industrial Development
Organization (UNIDO) as one of the
Top Ten Renewable Energy Investment
Opportunities in the World. Oceanlinx
placed third overall on the tally of winners.
Technology or Patent/Ownership
Oceanlinx holds worldwide patents in wave
energy extraction, turbine blade control
and wave energy focussing technologies,
including the Denniss-Auld Turbine, which is
a unique variable pitch design that enables
a constant turbine rotation irrespective of the
air-fow direction.
A novel form of Oscillating Water Column
(OWC) has been developed in Oceanlinx
for which patent protection is pending. The
OWC works by capturing the wave within
a chamber. The rise of the wave drives a
column of air which is accelerated past a
turbine creating rotational motion. On the
return stroke, as the wave retires, the column
of air is sucked back across the turbine
enabling the extraction of energy from both
the rise and fall of the wave.
Oceanlinx has developed particular knowledge
and expertise in the complex interaction or
coupling of the OWC to the wave and the
manipulation of the damping effect of the
turbine through rotational speed, in order to
maximize the wave energy extraction.