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Solar Systems Concentrated PV technology (Melbourne) - Solar Systems solar
technology uses a fundamentally different approach whereby simple and cheap
mirrors refect the sunlight onto a small-area solar conversion module, effectively
concentrating the sunlight to around 500 suns. This is called Concentrating
Photovoltaics (CPV). The systems are designed for utility-scale solar power
station deployment.
Translucent advanced Semiconductor materials (Silicon Valley, USA) - Novel
materials for solar, semiconductor and photonics applications.
ChronoLogic Test & Measurement Instrumentation business (Adelaide) - Test &
measurement, automation & control, and data acquisition instrumentation.
Company Background
Silex Systems Limited (Silex) was established by founder Dr Michael Goldsworthy,
and in 1990 began researching the isotope separation ideas of the co-inventors
Dr Michael Goldsworthy and Dr Horst Struve. The unique principles of the SILEX
(Separation of Isotopes by Laser EXcitation) process were established.
Silex has been an ASX listed company since 1998 with approximately 7,500
shareholders and has grown to have four subsidiaries, Silex Solar Pty Ltd, Solar
Systems Pty Ltd, Translucent Inc and ChronoLogic Pty Ltd.
International Projects
The Silex Group aims to strengthen ties with existing partners and suppliers,
to forge new links with North American and Asian industry and potential
customers, particularly in relation to the Group’s extensive interests in solar
energy technologies. The company also aims to lift its profle with industry and
government organizations in China.
Australian Projects
Photovoltaic Concentrator, Solar Systems, Victoria
A CPV demonstration facility is operating and expanding at the Bridgewater,
Victoria site. A 140kW Heliostat Concentrator is made up of a large ground-
mounted array of fat mirrors (called heliostats). It is used to concentrate sunlight
onto a large central receiver mounted at the top of a tower. Another 560kW
power capacity is under construction and is made up of 16 dishes with the
company’s latest Dense-Array CPV technology. In principle, both systems can be
built to much larger scales, driving costs down further.
Mildura Project, Solar Systems, Victoria
The Mildura 2MW solar pilot plant project has commenced with preliminary
activities underway in conjunction with several third party participants.
Engagement with key stakeholders has begun, and preliminary design and
engineering objectives have been identifed. Several pre-requisite activities
including land sub-division and completion of land purchase at Mildura
are progressing. The grid connection specifcation is being evaluated and
discussions with power companies are underway and/or planned.
Silex Solar, New South Wales
Silex Solar Pty Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Silex Systems Limited, acquired
the manufacturing assets and equipment of the Sydney Olympic Park (SOP)
solar panel manufacturing facility in June 2009. The SOP Plant has produced
over 200MW of products and is the only PV panel manufacturing plant in
Australia, and one of the largest solar panel manufacturing facilities in the
Southern Hemisphere, with approximately 50MW of solar cell production and
~35MW of module production capacity annually.
Listed Company
Fields of Commerce
Electricity generation
Engineering design
Manufacture of products
Product installation
Project management
Research and development
Management Team
Michael Goldsworthy – Chief
Executive Offcer
Chris Wilks – Director
Julie Ducie – Financial Controller/
Company Secretary
Rod Seares – General Manager, Silex Solar
Bill Ring – General Manager & Chief
Operating Offcer, Solar Systems
Certifcations and Quality Approvals
Solar panel products comply with IEC
standards 61730 + 61215 by TUV
Rheinland + CE compliant.
2000 – Australia Technology Award
for Excellence in the manufacturing &
engineering sector