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Australian Trade Commission
Type of Business Sought
Joint Venture/Partnership
Specialist Areas of Expertise
Sustainable Agriculture
Year Established
Fields of Commerce
Manufacture of products
Research and development
Management Team
Kevin Joyce, Managing Director
Robert Watson, Manager of Research
& Development
Greg Lowe, Manager Croplife Business Unit
Certifcations and Quality Approvals
All ingredients are USA FDA GRAS listed
and Certifed with NASAA as an input for
organic production/processing.
Aussan and Croplife are declared safe
under ANZ Food Safety.
Aussan is declared safe for use around
animals by the APVMA.
Technology or Patent/Ownership
Croplife is patented
Aussan is patent pending
Croplife has been sanctioned for food crop usage and offers wide ranging
benefts to farmers. Signifcant results in a variety of crops have been
demonstrated over the last two years. Over 20% average increase in yield and
signifcant reductions in lost produce. Croplife is a blend of food acids containing
Aussan. When in contact with the cells of plants it elicits a reaction that allows
the plant to absorb nutrients better and increase root growth. It also amplifes
the plants defence systems allowing it to ward off fungal, insect and other plant
borne disease pressures.
Company Background
The Aussan product was frst invented in 2005 after 10 man years of research
and developent. A short time later Croplife was developed for use on living
plants. After almost a decade of experience in marketing and testing organic
sanitisers and agriculture sprays Aussan Laboratories Pty Ltd was launched to
comercialise and expand the product line. Aussan now offers a product range
that has the right balance between effectiveness and cost. The company’s plant,
located in Melbourne, has a capacity of 2,000 litres per day but can be expanded
quickly as volumes increase. Aussan has distributors in several countries
world wide.
International Projects
Internationally, Aussan is working with:
Agricultural producers in South Africa to increase yield and minimise crop
losses due to disease pressure.
A Scandinavian company to preserve organic cosmetics.
A Canadian Police department on bacterial and odour control in K9 units.
An extensive range of retail products under the brand Aussan Natural has
been launched in North America. Initial feedback from consumers is beyond
expectation. Products are focused on safety, effcacy and environmental care.
The range covers home, boat, pet, nursery, auto and sports markets.
Australian Projects
In Australia, Aussan is working with:
Agricultural producers to increase yield and plant health thereby minimising
plant pathogens.
Food companies to clean and sanitise production equipment.
An Australian insurance company to rehabilitate homes after food damage by
removing bacteria and odour.
Aussan’s CropBioLife product has grown to provide reduced chemical spraying
for over 500 agricultural customers across Australia in all varieties of food crops
and the wine industry.