Trade Winds

21 Jul 2017


  • Divya Skene
  • Trade Winds

This week’s readings begin with the concept of soft power, its measurement and its impact on international business and foreign policy.  

Portland’s Soft Power 30 Index has been released, along with a number of essays on soft power and its impact on trade themes.

Petersen Institute finds that ageing of the US population explains 79 per cent of the decline in its participation rate (the share of the civilian population ages 16 and older working or actively seeking work) since 2007.

Less than 1 per cent of Chinese steel exports were sold to the United States in 2016.  China's Excess Capacity in Steel: A Fresh Look, discusses why the country’s plans to cut excess capacity in steel may be optimistic. (Petersen Institute)

Beef Central provides a US perspective on the state of beef trade with China, with a focus on competitors United States, New Zealand, Brazil and Australia.

Following identification of 40 Melbourne startups, this week the Martec listed 50 Sydney startups to watch.

Department of Industry releases the 2017 Industry Monitor, which consolidates high-level data and economic indicators relevant to the portfolio’s interests.

Productivity Commission outlines a three-pronged strategy to assist Australia face the challenges of rising global protectionism.

RBA outlines how the global environment affects domestic interest rates.