Trade Winds

31 Jul 2017


  • Divya Skene
  • Trade Winds

This week’s readings include a closer look at infrastructure needs around the world, through country assessments just released by the Global Infrastructure Hub and estimates for new airport projects recently produced by the Centre for Aviation.

  • The Centre for Aviation reports $255bn is to be spent on new airport construction around the world, with the Asia Pacific region leading, followed by Europe. New China hubs might challenge existing regional hubs, Singapore and Hong Kong (Bloomberg).

  • Sydney-based Global Infrastructure Hub provides an assessment of the infrastructure needs of 50 countries and 7 sectors through to 2014. India, China and Japan will require nearly 40 per cent of the world’s total infrastructure investment through to 2030.

  • The RBA’s Consumer Payments Survey reveals the most common methods of payment by Australian consumers. Online purchases are increasingly being made by mobile phone, with around one-fifth of online retail payments made using a mobile phone in 2016, compared with 6 per cent in 2013.

  • Lowy Interpreter covers key international economic themes in the latest Economic Diplomacy Brief.

  • What does NAFTA renegotiation mean … for Australia? (Lowy Interpreter).

  • OECD releases a paper on The Future of Global Value Chains.

  • Project Syndicate explores the role of Digital China in integrating China further into global value chains.