Trade Winds

24 Feb 2017


  • Tim Quinn
  • Trade Winds

This week’s readings consider international students satisfaction, tips on doing business in India, and market opportunities.

  • Nine out of ten international tertiary students are either satisfied or very satisfied with their Australian education and with the appointment of Professor Margaret Gardner as the Chair of Universities Australia, further growth opportunities for an export sector worth $22 billion are likely.

  • Lowy Interpreter explores digital disruption in politics and in trade. Digital “networks are significant because they act as communicative structures that transcend borders, yet shape the ideas of their constituents and hence their behaviours, including where to travel, study or invest, what to buy, whom to admire and emulate, whom to resent and attack”.

  • The FTI Journal identifies five keys to success for establishing winning partnerships when doing business in India. Deep-diving into “antecedents, bona fides, and reputation of potential business partners before any money changes hands” will assist protect “reputational capital and unlock the full value of investments”.

  • “Our best chance of coherent ambition lies in Asia, the source of 70 per cent of global growth.” The Lowy Institute on grasping economic opportunities – and realising trade benefits resulting from foreign investment.

  • RBA Governor Philip Lowe discusses similar strengths and attributes of Australian and Canadian economies.

  • Petersen Institute’s summary of the United Kingdom’s bilateral economic relationship with the European Union provides an idea of sectors that will experience Brexit-induced change.