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Insight - Why Australian startups should start looking at Malaysia
8 Dec 2017Malaysia
Malaysia is rapidly emerging as a key market for startups, thanks to a wide array of government initiatives to transition the country to a digital economy.
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Insight - Brazilian investors: coming to a farm near you?
27 Nov 2017
Foreign investment in agriculture in Australia is essential for regional development, increased sector productivity and building agricultural export markets. It is one of the federal and state governm ...
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Insight - Argentina’s revival brings new opportunities for Australian exporters
1 Nov 2017
Argentina is one of the largest and most developed markets in Latin America, and a land of significant untapped potential for Australian goods and services.
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Insight - Ecuador: emerging opportunities for Australian mining services, training and technologies
10 Oct 2017
Australian mining investment and know-how is set to play a major role in developing Ecuador’s nascent mining sector. The Andean country is a relatively new entrant to the international mining scene, a ...
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Insight - Modernising India’s logistics and transport infrastructure
25 Sep 2017
The Indian government’s massive initiative to modernise India’s logistics sector provides significant opportunities for Australian companies to contribute with products and services.
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Insight - Smart Infrastructure: the way of the future for India
18 Sep 2017
The Indian Government is addressing the problems of rapid city population and the subsequent strained infrastructure with a variety of urban regeneration programs, which seek to transform India by upl ...
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Insight - The railways in India: a big network with big opportunities for Australia
11 Sep 2017
Everything about railways in India is big. The country has one of the world’s largest rail networks under single management, 119,600km of track, and a transportation system that carries over 22 millio ...
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Insight - Opportunities for Australian METS innovations in India
6 Sep 2017
India produces significant quantities of many minerals – including barytes, lignite, iron ore, bauxite, manganese, and zinc – but coal is the most important.
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Insight - Take a closer look at Central Europe
30 Aug 2017
Austria | Germany | Liechtenstein | Switzerland | Croatia | Slovenia | Czech Republic | Hungary | Poland | Slovak Republic
Australian companies seeking to expand into new international markets should closely consider Central Europe, given a myriad of opportunities in sectors like resources and energy, consumer products, h ...
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Insight - Indonesia on the hunt for agtech innovations
16 Jun 2017
Indonesia’s agricultural sector is undergoing a transformation, as the next generation of farmers look to new technologies to increase efficiency and productivity. Australian agtech companies will fin ...
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Insight - Japan: Overview of Japanese pension fund market
17 Mar 2017
Japanese funds and companies have started to turn more attention offshore, to markets such as Australia, to diversify and bolster returns.
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Insight - India looks to cook with Australia
29 Apr 2016
Love or hate Australia’s version of MasterChef, the fact is the reality cooking show is the most watched programme of its kind in India.
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Insight - Argentine political change an optimistic move for investors
3 Dec 2015
Changes in political leadership are typically met with caution by the business community but this was not the case in Argentina on Monday. Results from the country’s presidential elections were greete ...
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Insight - Dubai: the Middle East’s metropolis of trade
27 Nov 2015
United Arab Emirates
In the long arc between Asia and Europe there is one city—Dubai—that stands out as a centre of trade and a safe haven for business and investment.
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Insight - The Philippines: a young and fast growing country
24 Sep 2015
In 2016 Australia and the Philippines will mark seventy years of diplomatic relations. This is an exciting moment in the bilateral relationship, with growth prospects strong and the business environme ...
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Insight - The future of Australian finance in China
28 Jan 2015
Australia’s free trade agreement with China offers our financial services sector an unprecedented opening to the capital markets of what may soon be the world’s largest economy.
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Insight - Energy security concerns are transforming the energy landscape in Central Europe
8 Dec 2014
The energy sector in Europe and the Central European region is undergoing a fundamental transformation as the region seeks to ensure its energy security.
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Insight - Tiger unleashed: Why Australian companies could reap the rewards of India’s roaring economy
2 Dec 2014
Since India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi assumed office earlier this year, India has embarked on a program of reform which, if successful, will provide a better environment for Australian business.
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Insight - Protecting intellectual property rights in China
8 Aug 2014
Protecting Intellectual property rights can present certain challenges for Australian companies in many jurisdictions and China is no exception.
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Insight - Five remarkable things you need to know about Taiwan
31 Jul 2014
Taiwan’s high and sustained economic growth from the 1960s onwards has been fuelled by its export-led growth strategy. With a small domestic market, Taiwan has used strong demand abroad for its export ...
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